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Very Good Project 11. Kalnėnai

Author: Very Good Architecture Company
Photographer: Antanas Štrimaitis
Year: 2020

The main idea was to maintain a consistent style with plan structure, materials, colors, and details. The suburban location of the townhouse was our focus point for the main used materials. Stone texture tiles were used for the first floor, for the ceiling – wooden oak planks to warm up the space. On the ground floor of the house, there is a hall, kitchen, dining area, and living room. A small bathroom is under the stairs. The more unusual decision was for a hall-dining area partition. It is custom-made and creates the unique atmosphere in this interior. The stair and bathroom walls are covered in oak veneer and create a strong compositional element in the main space. The Master bedroom with free standing bath and kid’s room is on the second floor. The main bathroom has windows for natural light. The ceiling is decorated with wooden beams with integrated LED lighting.

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