“VanLife”: 50 photos from life on the road

The romantic life of modern nomads living in mobile homes beckons with its simplicity and, most importantly, freedom. This style of life has its own name – VanLife (“life in a van”).

Its popularity can be judged by the fact that Instagram has nearly 12 million posts with the hashtag #vanlife, credited to Foster Huntington. In 2011, Huntington quit his job in Manhattan and spent three years traveling in a van in North America, studying surfing and camping. He traveled more than 193 thousand kilometers and eventually published a book, Van Life: Your Home on the Road. Huntington has over 900k followers on Instagram, although he no longer travels, lives in a treehouse in Washington state, works on short films and photo projects. He is not going to travel, he says that this stage of life is behind. But he wrote several more books to help people who are just planning to become travelers with van.

These 50 Van Life photos show you the best moments from the lives of people who decide to travel in a van, suv, or car.

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