Under is an underwater restaurant in Norway that offers a glimpse of underwater wonders

The architecture company Snøhetta has prepared a gift for lovers of underwater life: a unique underwater restaurant “Under” has opened in the south of Norway, offering a glimpse of life underwater in a cozy atmosphere.

Half-submerged in the cold sea, the building is a 34-meter-long slanting concrete structure that is embedded in the rocky coastline on one side and abuts the seabed on the other. The side that is submerged in the sea is five and a half meters underwater. The walls of the restaurant are up to half a meter thick, which ensures optimal resistance to the forces of waves and water pressure. The panoramic window, measuring 11 by 3 meters, offers a picturesque view of the seabed, which changes throughout the year and depending on different weather conditions.

In addition to the restaurant, the building will also function as a marine research center. Over time, the walls of the structure, thanks to marine organisms, will turn into an artificial reef that will filter the water and, in turn, attract even more marine inhabitants. A team of scientists will observe the development of life in these waters, as well as study the marine environment along the southern coast of Norway.

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