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Transformable furniture for a small apartment: 7 truly unusual items

Do you want comfort and convenience, but ordinary furniture does not fit in your apartment? Pay attention to the transforming models.

In a small room, every centimeter is worth its weight in gold. For a small apartment, hybrid furniture, which is a desk in the morning and a bed at night, is truly a real salvation.

1. Tablet cabinet

On the one hand, this is an ordinary round cabinet that is attached to the wall. But once you open the lid, it’s already a comfortable workplace, dressing table, or even a bar. The shelving system inside is designed so that the shelves are customizable according to your wishes. You can store a laptop, standard files, catalogs, books, or any other personal items.

2. Papyrus table

Often in small apartments, there is simply no room for a large table. And if guests come, then the problem of seating becomes extremely acute. A table with a roll-up tabletop will solve all problems. The length of the table varies thanks to the handle.

3. Pouf-chair

At first glance, this is an ordinary soft pouf that can be placed in a corner if it is not needed at the moment. But it’s worth pulling the rope that connects the seat and the base of the product, and in front of us is a cozy chair with a footrest. The Decube Furniture Project is based on a wooden panel covered in fabric made from recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly. The bright colors will allow the chair to adapt to any interior.

4. Secretary-bed

An unexpected solution for very small rooms. During the day it is a secretary or mini-office, and at night it is an additional sleeping place. By the way, the shelf, which is a working surface, can be removed and easily turned into a breakfast table. A completely autonomous space that promotes privacy and concentration. Nothing distracts from business. The bright color scheme attracts attention and makes the structure a center of attraction.

5. Sofa table

Perhaps one of the most popular models among owners of small rooms. With such a transformation system, you no longer have to choose between a comfortable bed and a full-fledged workspace. Manufacturers have provided a sleeping place for both single and couples. A separate fuse is provided that firmly holds the structure in the position of a comfortable desk and prevents it from accidentally opening. If you imagine that while working you suddenly start to feel sleepy, you don’t need to remove anything from the table. The system is designed in such a way that everything on the work surface will remain in its place.

6. Nano-suite

Another example of combining a desk and a bed. Two-in-one is an ideal solution for small rooms, where, thanks to transformable furniture, it is possible to combine both functionality and convenience.

7. Sofa-couch-chair

A solution for those who do not want to fill the room with a lot of furniture, but like to sit in a chair with a book and watch a movie with their family. Or maybe lie down. This model is ideal for this. The design can easily become an armchair, a sofa with a comfortable back, and even a couch. Easily adapts to any body position.

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