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Top interior design trends for 2024

Interior Trends 2024 is a reliable source of inspiration when decorating or updating a space. Although fashion is not the main factor in creating the image of your home, the current design of interior items will delight the eye with modern aesthetics every day.

From trendy materials to trendy shades, we share 6 fresh trends that will remain relevant not only in the new season.

Natural texture

Popular in the last decade, minimalism is losing ground. During the COVID-19 era, we started to spend more time at home. The situation “from the needle” now seems a little impersonal and uncomfortable. From here originates the trend in interior design 2024 for tactilely pleasing furniture. The focus is on natural texture. It is she who will enliven the space, bringing us closer to the natural habitat.

What natural materials are most relevant for interior design in 2024?

  • Wood is a texture without which it is difficult to imagine a fashionable interior. In the new season, it could be bar stools with a solid wood seat that adds warmth to a neutral decor.
  • One of the trends in the interior of 2024 will remain textured fabrics for upholstered furniture. For example, trendy premium quality velour, which harmoniously looks in the upholstery of a bed or an accent armchair.
  • In new design projects, you will definitely meet leather. The timelessly stylish texture creates a discreetly elegant effect, reflecting the impeccable taste of the owners of the house. Choose soft leather for upholstery of fashionable furniture in 2024 – trends in the interior will not advise you bad.

Custom-made furniture”

The trend in interior design in 2024 for naturalness is simply explained: the current vector for environmental friendliness dictates a more rational and conscious choice, where only high-quality interior items and decor are a priority.

In the new season, we recommend choosing this furniture:

  • In its production, the focus is not on quantity, but on the technical study of each model. It does not become less versatile. The MENDINI trendy sofa looks equally good in an apartment in any aesthetic.
  • Dimensions and texture can be chosen independently. When furniture is acquired as a result of selection and search, the pleasure of its delivery increases several times, it is interesting to live with it and it is pleasant to be in contact with it.
  • Small apartments or studios can also acquire their own individual, unique features. All thanks to furniture with the possibility of customizing sizes, for example, aesthetic sofas.

Space zoning

Another consequence of the pandemic is the anti-trend towards open spaces. The house wants privacy and tranquility: even if the kitchen-living room is large enough, the room needs competent zoning so that each family member can do their own thing. Now it is more important to design functional areas “for yourself”, stylish and thoughtful. So, for example, a corner with a comfortable workplace has already become a must-have.

For the design of functional areas are suitable:

  • weightless hanging cabinets instead of a traditional desktop or massive chests of drawers;
  • functional accessories – a mirror with a hanger and a hook for a bag ;
  • compact banquettes on refined wooden legs;
  • bar groups – for breakfast or work on the loggia.

Casual chic

In the future, ascetic minimalism will be replaced by casual chic. Painting, photography, and handmade ceramics: the abundance of small things destroys the usual framework for decorating an apartment. Now everyone has the opportunity to reflect on their personal philosophy at home. Do not try to match a specific style, try to convey the atmosphere of light and creative chaos.

In such an atmosphere they feel great:

  • Models without strict symmetry – modular sofas.
  • Textured fabrics with vintage effects. For example, embossed boucle fabric in the upholstery of upholstered furniture.
  • Mixed wood tones. For the dining table, you can choose toning in walnut, for the coffee table – natural oak, for the shelving – wenge.

Complex Coloring

The era of monochrome is coming to an end: more and more people are turning to more complex tones. There is no reason to be limited to a white and gray palette: warm colors add texture and comfort to the decoration. This does not mean at all that the repair needs to be completely redone: you can update the color scheme by updating the headset.

What colors will be relevant?

  • Warm range with brown and pink tones. Remember stalls with bright spices: paprika, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, Himalayan salt… It is these natural shades that will be popular in projects.
  • All sorts of variations of green: muted mint, rich grassy, ​​or olive. The palette goes well with organic fabrics – velour, chenille, or leather.
  • A palette of “spicy honey”: from sandy and woody to rich amber. Such “live” colors will add depth and layering to the atmosphere.
  • Carmine red, or Viva Magenta. Pantone’s saturated Color of the Year 2023 is perfect for creative play with accents.

Laconic forms

The desire for organic and tactile sensations dictates the fashion for furniture. The focus is on the japandi style. This hybrid of japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics harmonizes perfectly with “casual chic”. To avoid “overload” more restrained forms are needed without unnecessary details. Japandi influences maintain visual balance through complex textures.

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