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Top 5 fashion trends in creating a stylish apartment

For many of us, home is a sacred place where we relax, unwind, and spend time with loved ones. Therefore, it is not surprising that we strive to make it as cozy and stylish as possible.

Curtains, tablecloths, and pillows are at the forefront of interior design trends

Curtains, tablecloths, and pillows are a great way to add color and texture to your decor. This season, natural shades and textures reminiscent of cotton, linen, and matting are popular. Curtains in soft pastels and natural colors will look great in a living room or bedroom. And if you want to add bright accents, then pillows with prints will be the ideal solution. In the brand’s collection, this trend is clearly expressed in the “Scandi” and “Canvas” curtains. And the bright prints in the “Betty” collection will add charm and new energy to your home.

Roller blinds – practical and stylish

Roller blinds are becoming increasingly popular due to their elegance and practicality. They not only protect the apartment from sunlight and uninvited eyes but also add a charming atmosphere to the interior. Fashion trends this year involve the use of roller blinds with natural prints and natural textures, such as the “Diva” roller blind.

Forged cornices – not only functionality but also style

Cornices are an integral part of any window decor. This season, fashion trends suggest the use of monochrome and matte colors in cornices. Top positions in modern interior design are occupied by metal cornices in a minimalist design.

Stylish and practical sun protection

As we all know, the sun’s rays can be not only beautiful but also harmful to both health and the furniture in your apartment. Therefore, stylish and practical sun protection is becoming increasingly important. This season, roller blinds with a special technology that allows you to completely block ultraviolet rays are considered fashionable. Such roller blinds are called blackout and can be not just plain, but even with jacquard weaving. Choose neutral colors and natural textures to complement and make the interior modern and light-blocking.

Art Deco – a return to the era of luxury and geometric shapes

Art Deco, a popular style of the 20s and 30s, is becoming increasingly relevant and is returning to the world of interior design. This trend offers to add sophistication and geometric shapes to your apartment. Use Art Deco curtains, pillows, and curtain rods to create a delightful interior.

When choosing curtains, pay attention to geometric patterns and lines. Curtains with geometric motifs or luxurious prints will add an air of elegance to the room. Choose combinations of black, gold, or silver for curtain fabrics to highlight the Art Deco style.

Pillows are also important for creating an Art Deco look. The best choice would be pillows with geometric patterns or knitted patterns. Use materials such as velvet or silk with metallic details or embellishments to complement the Art Deco style of your interior.

Art Deco curtain rods can be decorated with luxurious details such as crystals or glass. Choose curtain rods with geometric shapes or golden finishes to create an elegant and exclusive window treatment.

Art Deco style is a revival of the era of luxury and beauty. Use this trend by adding curtains with geometric patterns, prints, cushions in velvet, silk, and colorful details, as well as exclusive curtain rods to create a stunning look in your apartment.

Follow the tips and create a new look for your apartment in accordance with this year’s five fashion trends. And remember, style is not only fashion but also our personality, a reflection of ourselves, so trust your taste and create a beautiful space that will delight you every day.

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