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Stylish home: things that will make your apartment cozy

What does comfort consist of? It is impossible to choose one detail that will be the main one to create the atmosphere. Everything is important – from furniture to small details.

We have compiled a selection of products that will transform your home – every housewife will find something for herself in it!

White Loft collection

A new collection for the kitchen has appeared on Amazon in which white color is combined with wooden details – such accessories not only help decorate the interior but also eliminate visual noise.

To optimize space, a kitchen shelf, a simple dish drainer, storage baskets, a paper towel holder and a spoon holder are suitable. A water jug, an oiler, and jars for bulk products are intended for storing and using products.

The White Loft collection also includes tablespoons, forks, teaspoons with wooden handles, a sieve, whisk, ladle, and spatula, two types of cutting boards, and a wooden cutlery.

Glass “Salzburg London Topaz”

The pattern of the Salzburg London Topaz glass is made in a recognizable European style, and the shade brings to mind the glow of the city at night.

Actuel stone cast grill pan

The decorative stone coating will prevent food from sticking, and the thick bottom will prevent it from burning. The frying pan is suitable for all types of hobs except induction.

Actuel board

A wooden cutting board is a classic solution for a stylish kitchen!

Actuel saucepan

The Actuel pan is not only an indispensable assistant, allowing you to prepare rich soups and delicious porridges and is suitable for induction. Its laconic design will fit into the interior of any kitchen, and the “Sea Wave” color will remind you of summer and sun all year round.

Sofa beds Lazurit

Rest is the most important part of our life. What do you need to relax? Of course, a good sofa! You can lie on it with a book, watch TV series, play board games with friends, and also sleep if your apartment does not allow you to have a separate bedroom. 

Sofas from the Lazurit company are suitable for any apartment – they will fit even in a small one due to their compact folded sizes. Sofas are universal: they are suitable for the living room, and for the bedroom, and for the kitchen, and for the nursery. 

All models are equipped with a comfortable mattress, which will make your rest complete, and the transformation mechanisms are reliable and will help the furniture last a long time. Most sofas have a linen drawer, which is great for storing bedding.

Dantone kitchens

Dantone Home has been involved in the kitchen business for five years now, since 2018. The design center allows you to choose a kitchen to suit every taste – all models can be customized, and the color can be chosen from 2500 shades of color according to the international palettes NCS, RAL, and CS, as well as from the author’s set of shades from Dantone.

Any kitchen in the Dantone Kitchen line can be equipped with European brand appliances and complemented with exclusive details and elements – from craft cutting boards to a variety of fittings. In 2023, a new product appeared in the showroom – the Uptown model, which is a mix of style trends: the designers sought to create a minimalist and at the same time emphatically elegant kitchen.

Wallpaper “Mezen horses” 

The Mezen Horses wallpaper was created by the Crafts Laboratory of the Lys de Russie brand together with the designers of the Zazz wallpaper bureau. The goal of the collaboration is to show how traditional patterns and current trends can be combined with each other.

The basis of the new digital pattern is the Mezen horse – this element can be easily adapted to any interior, increasing or decreasing without losing quality or disturbing proportions. At the same time, the horse retains the main features of the authentic painting and is included in the finished palette, which you can work with when decorating your home.

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