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Small apartment building in Poland: Eurasian Prize-winning project

The Polish bureau Frantagroup Architects designed an unusually asymmetrical small apartment building in Chorzow – its configuration was dictated not only by the complex shape of the site but also by the desire to leave as many trees intact as possible. The project has received several international awards, including the 2021 Eurasian Prize.

In fact, the building – it was called Villa Reden – is located in a public garden inside a built-up area. The unique historical context suggested that it was necessary to find a solution that would not compete with the surrounding buildings, but at the same time stand out. The budget was extremely tight and investor expectations were high. The house has 8 apartments with an area of ​​76-75 sq. meters on 2 floors.

The main idea was to form a structure in the form of an irregular polygon, optimizing it in accordance with the function of the apartments. The whole house was surrounded by balconies to get a panoramic view of the surroundings from any point. It was decided to round the corners to match the character of the old cottages in the neighborhood, the crowns of the trees, and the surrounding greenery. The next stage of the design included wooden terraces and patios to illuminate the interior of the apartments (bathrooms and entrance areas). The basement floor was left undeveloped for additional functions.

The articulation of the façade and its rhythm is very uniform: there are no additional elements here. Reden looks like a single house, but it is a whole complex: the building is divided into four independently functioning parts. Each sector has a separate entrance with stairs. Each of the apartments has access to a terrace of various widths, as well as to the patio.

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