Seaweed Furniture

David Thulstrups limited seaweed furniture collection for Søuld is an example of a new sustainable product. Called Momentum, the series explores the senses, enhances indoor acoustics while fusing modern design with nature.

Each piece combines glass and steel with Søuld acoustic panels, an environmentally friendly and healthy building material made from numerous marine plants. The design embodies warmth, organic softness, and pre-industrial humanity, a nod to the forgotten heritage of algae homes. The tradition dates back to the 1600s when settlers on the island of Lösø (North Jutland, Denmark) invented a thick thatched roof for their “seaweed houses” – a technique unseen anywhere in the world.

David Thulstrup says about this material: “I especially like the surface, its warm shade and the smell of salt. Visiting Lyosho and understanding the history of the place played a huge role in the design process. As soon as I began to analyze how seagrass was used in the construction of roofs in those days, I realized that methods such as layering, laying, and displaying material will be an integral part of my projects. “

Momentum uses Acoustic Mats, a new material invented by Søuld to reduce the construction industry’s environmental impact and create healthy living spaces. After a decade of research and development, Søuld has grown into an expert and the first company to turn algae into CO₂ building materials that combine high acoustic performance, safety, and durability with environmental friendliness and modern aesthetics.

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