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By: Suite n.7
Year: 2020
Size: 40,5m2

The solution to the interior design of the sauna in the Grand Family country house is inextricably linked with the style of the house.
It also continues the theme of combining eco-style with exotic elements. The main elements of the decoration are flagstone and wood.
The slab, by the way, is characterized by high strength and low water absorption, therefore it is ideal for damp rooms.
All wood trim is made in the form of vertically directed slats, which will make the space visually higher.
The color of the wood is more intense than in the house. It is close in shade of bronze to the color of glass frameless doors.
For all equipment, including faucets, shower head, door handles, lighting is selected in black.
The bathhouse turned out to be truly unusual and brutal.

Floors: 1

Recreation area, shower, steam room, bathroom, utility block

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