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Revival of an apartment

The reconstruction of an apartment in a former tenement house brought together specialists from various fields under the guidance of PropertyLab + art. Its founders are Natalia Vorobieva and Dmitry Kuznetsov. The planning solution was developed by the architectural bureau “Veter Veet”.

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Old apartments have a unique aura, the trouble is that in Moscow they are usually in a terrible state. But if you spare no time and effort, you can get an impressive result. Here is just the same case.

From some angles, it seems that there are too many bricks, but when you see the whole interior, this feeling does not arise. 
Murano glass Vistosi chandelier – Italian vintage 1970s. 
20th Century Lamps Gallery. 
Carpet Fire & Ice, Tapis Rouge.

The customer purchased an apartment of 60 sq. meters in the Patriarch’s Ponds area. It is located in a former tenement house built by order of the merchant Subbotin in 1907. The architect is the master of Moscow Art Nouveau Pyotr Kharko. Housing was not just in a bad state, but in a ruined state: the ceiling sagged, rotten walls crumbled, and the floors were rotten. In the people, such apartments are called “killed”.

The gray-blue shade of the interior partitions successfully complements the terracotta tone of the load-bearing walls. 
Meljac sockets and switches. 
Above the sofa is the work of Nikolai Belous, pARTnerproject Gallery.

“In addition to the design project and repairs, our specialists had to work on strengthening the floor and ceiling. They made a complete reconstruction of the premises,” says Dmitry Kuznetsov.

The old brickwork determined the choice of style. 
Modular shelving in steel, the Airport model by Cattelan Italia maintains a loft atmosphere. 
A 1970s Italian Reggiani floor lamp purchased from 20th Century Lamps.

In the process of work, the walls were completely cleared of late layers, as a result of which the old brickwork was exposed. She delighted everyone so much that they decided to keep her. On some bricks, the marks “V. K. Shaposhnikov, M. V. Chelnokov and Co. ”- this was the name of the partnership for the production and sale of building materials, which owned, among other things, two brick factories. Restoration and manual processing of brick walls were carried out by specialists from the “Workshop Brothers of the Germans”.

A plinth in the color of the doors and door portals runs along the perimeter of the apartment, uniting the interior. 
BoConcept chairs. 
Dining table by Tanya Hengstler, pARTnerproject Gallery

Antique brick is both a constructive material and a decorative one. It has become a very visible component of the interior, so the decision was made to stick with the loft style. Fortunately, the loft style is presented in a relaxed form. Shelving made of metal tubes, chairs with tubular bases, an aluminum armchair, blinds instead of curtains set the right mood.

The Häcker Küchen kitchen showcases the texture of concrete. 
The kitchen backsplash is made of smooth white tiles in a brick format: it harmonizes with the main interior material, at the same time softening it. 
Radiators: Arbonia.

The materials for the apartment were chosen with a pronounced texture so that they would not be lost against the background of brickwork. Floors, doors and window sills are made of wood with a pronounced pattern. The facades of the kitchen show the texture of concrete.

In the bedroom, the brickwork was covered with white paint, which is more suitable for a sleeping room than bright, active terracotta. 
Sandi bed, design by Camuel Accoseberry, Dorelan. 
Sockets and switches of the French brand Meljac.
Built-in wardrobe made to order.

The antique brick of the load-bearing walls was successfully combined with the gray-blue tint on the interior partitions and the dark gray tone of the windows and doors – contrasting colors emphasized and at the same time softened the active terracotta of the brick. In the bedroom, the masonry was covered with white paint, rightly believing that it would be better in the sleeping room. The painting retained the brick texture.

On the wall is the work of Alexei Lantsev, pARTnerproject Gallery. 
Table lamp Flos. 
Wooder ordered wooden double-glazed windows that repeat the historical deglazing.

European vintage is the best fit for a historic apartment. Dmitry Kuznetsov and Natalia Vorobieva used Italian vintage lighting from their permanent partner, 20th Century Lamps gallery Works by artists from the pARTnerproject Gallery brought a trendy note and a contemporary feel.

PropertyLab+art combines a real estate agency, a design bureau and a contemporary art gallery. Its specialists offer an integrated approach that is new for the Russian market: they find housing, restore and carry out repairs if necessary, fill it with art and design.

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