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Residential House

10 years long residential trip. The idea of ​​a classic manor and English-style windows began, with an oriental, somewhat futuristic motif of the manor, and later, shortly after the client’s trip to Barcelona’s former concrete plant – museum – the reverse of the order to something completely new. Something that has rough industrial textures and soft home coziness. Surrealistic and poetic.What else will become architectural ideas that implement all of this, revealing how a dream can evolve without comparing how a person grows and changes.

I don’t know yet that a dream is always a journey. That dream is time-tested. And sometimes a spontaneous idea is destined to rise with enthusiasm and disappear into oblivion. Or transform. From the point of view here, on the old slope of Kaunas, the full moon of the manor, which had to rise through the open, classic windows to the closed moon. Looking at a garden where magnolias are currently blooming and greenery is exploding. Reflecting all the colors of nature, which through the contrast, as usual, only further accentuates and reveals the space of

G. Natkevičius and partners

Project: Living House
Architecture: Adomas Rimselis , Gintautas Natkevičius/ G. Natkevičius ir partneriai
Construction: Saulius Milišauskas, 1-plan
Landscape: Asta Grabauskiene
Photo: Lukas Mykolaitis
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Year: 2020

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