Project: Origami

Author: YCL studio
Photographer: Andrius Stepankevičius / Andstep
Year: 2021

Located in a newly developed housing area Paupys, Vilnius, Lithuania. This area has an interesting feeling – you are in the old town, but surrounded by nature and tranquility. 40 sq.m. apartment folded from black and white shapes to become a contemporary origami interior with fascinating first impression. The view to old-town of Vilnius contrasting with the contemporary concept of the interior. Old and new — viewing and feeling.

The outer perimeter of the apartment is completely white, like a paper background to let in most of the daylight, while the central area is a dark origami sculpture folded into a white background. To enhance the effect, all the small details in separate areas are monochromatic to get the greatest feeling of being in two different moods.

With folding concept we got an interesting space manipulation — from every angle it looks different, it feels different and eventually lively.

Concrete ceilings corresponds to each of the areas to be white or dark. Brushed and painted oak parquet has the same rules of coloring to connect everything into one foldable sculpture in one small apartment.

Staggering lines was very necessary for the concept since it represents that all is man-made as the origami itself. Pure work of imagination, creativity, mathematical knowledge and patience. The challenging aspects of origami require much thought and logic. All of this we brought to a small 40 sq.m. apartment.

It is said that origami process of folding was applied to other materials before paper was invented. That is what we did, no single piece of paper was used.

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