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Project: 022 Apartment

“In our project, we tried to reveal the advantages of the construction solutions of the time and at the same time adapt the premises to today’s lifestyle. New planning and spatial solutions have opened up more common spaces and provided rooms with more daylight. Two functional zones are planned in the apartment, which are separated by an internal retaining wall. The first – living room zone is characterized by transitional rooms, multi-level space, and light. For this, it has windows in the southeast direction. A second area with windows to the inner courtyard is for a bedroom and household storage. Between the two areas, a bathroom is planned with an interior window for natural light.
In the newly equipped spaces of the apartment, the structure of the old plan can be recognized and authentic wooden finishing elements can be seen. Individual furniture is designed for each room, which integrates into the environment, is an integral part of the interior, and provides the house with all household functions. Manufactured furniture is like a connection from one room to another. Metal shelves in the old door frame openwork demarcate the vestibule and living room spaces. Bookshelves frame the portal of the living room and dining room. The volume of the technological kitchen cabinet continues becomes the wall of the bathroom, and ends in the bedroom in the form of a wardrobe.” – ŠA atelier

Author: ŠA atelier
Photographer: Norbert Tukaj
Year: 2021

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