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Porcelain tiles in the interior: 8 very beautiful trends for 2024

We have collected trends in interior design that should not be overlooked in the new year.

Porcelain stoneware is a material that is becoming more and more popular and fashionable every year thanks to new formats, great wear resistance, and various visual effects. It is used everywhere – on the floor, on the walls, in interiors, and outdoors. We talk about the 2024 trends in decoration, due to which any space will become more stylish and modern.

1. Natural textures

Marble and stone will remain the basis for bathroom interiors for the coming years. The desire to see more natural textures is not accidental – in the rhythm of a big city, it is not often possible to get out into nature. But you can create a comfortable interior at home.

In order to enjoy the beauty of marble, it is not necessary to select natural slabs – porcelain stoneware reproduces the natural pattern, while remaining a more practical and durable material.

2. Zoom effect

The trend is a pattern of natural stone with a close-up effect. A surface decorated with such porcelain stoneware becomes an art object in itself. In addition, such coatings impress with their rich shades and luxurious appearance. Colored stones – agate, malachite, aquamarine, and quartz – are not inferior in popularity to black and white “marble” and extend beyond the bathroom and kitchen. Designers actively use them to decorate living rooms, recreation areas, and offices. 

3. Terrazzo

Materials with the terrazzo effect have been popular for several years now – only the color palette, visual effects, and scope of application change. Designers suggest using terrazzo porcelain tiles not only on floors and walls, but also to line a kitchen island, the area around a sink or bathtub, and even to finish a window sill or seating area.

4. Visual simplicity

The neutral base does not go out of fashion and will not lose ground in the coming years. Every day we are faced with a lot of bright colors and visual noise, so we strive to create a calm and simple interior at home. Gray or beige as the basis of the palette is a modern trend. A calm palette consisting of shades flowing into each other creates the effect of a kind of “cocoon” that gives a feeling of security and helps to relax.

5. Solidity effect

The simpler and more concise the space, the more stylish it looks. Floor or wall decoration that looks like a single canvas is a trend for the coming season. And single-color large-format porcelain tiles are what you need for its implementation in the interior. When professionally installed, the seams are practically invisible and create the effect of a monolithic coating – it looks more expensive and elegant.

6. Soft minimalism

Minimalism is associated with monolithic structures and a precise picture without a single unnecessary detail. In the coming year, the focus will shift to a softer and “warmer” minimalism. Warm colors in decoration, pleasant tactile textures, matte surfaces, and elements of ethnic or boho styles will help make interiors more lively, cozy, and personalized.

7. Naturalness

The trend of naturalness and naturalness in the interior is expressed not only in the use of natural wood but also in its high-quality imitation. Wood-look porcelain tiles are suitable for places where, due to high humidity, it is impossible to lay real wood flooring. Or where you want to make a “warm floor” – in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and even in the living room. In all rooms, wooden flooring will create an atmosphere of homely warmth and comfort.

8. Rough texture

Increasingly, in private apartments and houses, designers are using rough textures: concrete and its imitations, and metal garden furniture, which is usually used outdoors. Likewise, porcelain stoneware ceases to be a material only for “wet” areas and conquers the space of kitchens and living rooms as a wear-resistant, effective coating with great decorative potential.

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