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Pirinen & Salo: director’s hut

Finnish architectural firm Pirinen & Salo designed a small house on the shores of Lake Porovesi in Finland. This building was created as an imaginary “director’s hut” – the interiors used techniques from adventure films of the 1980s, where you could see “mystical” worlds.

A small house is covered with tarred wooden tiles – and not only the roof but also the walls are lined with it. This studio is 15 sq. meters. It is located on a gentle slope next to the ruined foundations of an old stone building, and a wooden path leads from it along the shoreline of the lake. The architects wanted the period of construction of this building to remain a mystery to the viewer, and therefore they preferred to create a sense of mystery and escapism with the help of a game of scale: this is how the huge gable roof, arched window, and small wooden tiles set the intrigue.

“The path to this house acts as a transition from the ordinary world to dream and creative work. so we built the architecture as a kind of snag: the hut looks much bigger than it really is. And this, in turn, makes the surrounding nature and landscape colossal,” the studio explains.

A black wooden staircase leads up from the stone foundation to the workspace, a room with dark oak paneled double vaulted ceilings. On either side are built-in desks and cabinets in contrasting light oak. Fittings also include a bookshelf, sound system, and integrated leather sofa, as well as a black cast iron fireplace. The central part of the building can be described as the “nave”, and its tables as “side aisles”. All technical devices that can give out the real date of creation of the hut are carefully hidden.

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