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Norwegian trash chair – Snøhetta: S-1500

Snøhetta designed a chair for Nordic Comfort Products (NCP) made from recycled ocean debris, old fishing nets, and scrap metal.

The problem of plastic pollution could not leave the famous Norwegian architects aside. Every day, about 8 million bottles, bags, etc. end up in the world’s oceans. About 269 thousand tons float in its waters. Designers are inventing new materials and trying to turn harmful plastic waste into objects of desire.

No new raw materials are used in the production of the S-1500. The Snøhetta chair is made entirely from recycled materials: the plastic seat is made from old fishing nets and ocean waste, and the steel frame is made from scrap metal.

The model is a redesign of the R-48 chair, designed in the late 60s by Norwegian designer Bendt Winge (1907–1983) for NCP. The series is popular in the Scandinavian countries – in Norway alone, more than five million copies of such chairs have been sold. 

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