NBBJ studio installed interactive media screens in a children’s hospital

A division of the architectural bureau, the New York studio ESI Design, was responsible for the development of the project. To help young patients at one of California’s children’s hospitals cope with anxiety more easily, the team installed interactive installations in the common space. They consist of five media screens broadcasting animation with images of local nature. The interactive forest, called Loma Land, is complete with sound and allows little users to interact with various elements. For example, children can choose their favorite character, customize its appearance directly on the touch screen, and “release” it into the wild. During the development of the installations, the designers turned to children’s books and museum collections for inspiration and also conducted a survey among potential audiences and their parents. This is how local trees and shrubs appeared in the animated landscape, making the cartoon landscape look like a real one and increasing the feeling of comfort. 

Photo:  Sean Airhart .

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