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Modern boudoir: characteristics, styles, zoning and content

Furniture, lighting, mirrors and textiles in a modern boudoir – rules and subtleties of selection

A boudoir is a room belonging to a woman: a dressing room, bedroom or bathroom, which has a dressing table and a large mirror.

This space can occupy several rooms or be a small part of the main room. Together with designers, we figure out what to consider and how to decorate the boudoir

What is boudoir

Previously, these were separate spacious rooms for receiving close guests. In modern apartment buildings there is rarely room for such a room, but if the living space allows, boudoirs are back in trend.

Women’s rooms appeared in the 18th century by analogy with men’s offices . It was a personal space where you can take time for yourself, relax, and do cosmetic procedures. The functionality of a boudoir depends on how large it is and what rooms it includes. In the past, aristocratic women could have a bathroom, a balcony, and an office in their boudoir. In a modern home, it is quite possible to limit yourself to an area with a dressing table and a pouf.

Characteristics of the boudoir

Even if you don’t allocate a separate room for the boudoir, but, say, limit yourself to a corner in the matrimonial bedroom, then it is worth highlighting with design and content. The boudoir interior is characterized by:

  1. Expensive finishing. The first boudoirs were decorated in the Rococo style: with massive carved furniture and an abundance of decorative elements.
  2. Warm, pastel colors in interior items. The women’s room is intended for relaxation, so it should have a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. The design excludes bright contrasts; it is better to choose light, comfortable shades.
  3. Walls with small ornaments: Venetian plaster and fabric-look plaster , fabric wallpaper are suitable.
  4. Textiles: soft pillows, carpets , blankets, heavy draped curtains on the windows .
  5. Smooth lines, lack of brutal details. Furniture should be chosen with round shapes; even the legs of a chair may not be straight, but curved.
  6. Elegant decor and accessories: one or more mirrors in beautiful frames, exquisite boxes, jewelry, bottles of perfume, flowers and candles.
  7. Thoughtful lighting scenario: on the one hand, the boudoir should have intimate, subdued lighting, on the other hand, the mirrors should have bright lighting, sufficient for makeup.

A boudoir is a room with an atmosphere, in contrast to a laconic dressing room , where everything is systematized and hidden in closets. Therefore, when arranging such a space, it is important to pay attention to comfort and small details.

Boudoir styles

The main criterion for choosing a style should be the personal tastes of the hostess, her preferences in colors and textures. Some people like luxurious monograms and gilded trim, others prefer delicate pink shades, while others prefer Scandinavian style and minimalism . And yet, in a classic boudoir you should avoid laconicism, coldness and excess empty space:

Rococo elements

This style is as feminine as possible, with a predominance of small details, pastel, cream colors. Overlay decor on furniture and walls, a luxurious canopy over the bed and floral patterns will also come in handy.


In this option, dark colors, an abundance of shades of red and burgundy, purple and silver trim will look good. The style does not exclude neutral colors, but in this case it is worth adding extravagant details and bright accents to the room.


This is something like a dressing room for a film star of the last century. Soft lines and warm, noble shades are good for this style: from ecru to dark chocolate. Silk, bronze and gold details are perfect for decoration.

Arabian night

Fans of ethnic motifs should take a closer look at interiors in oriental style. Here you can combine bright colors, add flowing translucent fabrics and decorative accessories brought from travel. For the “Scheherazade room”, original lamps and a hookah are suitable, and the chairs can be replaced with ottomans or pillows on the floor.

Boudoir zoning

If it is possible to allocate more space for the women’s room, all the main boudoir areas can be provided in this space:

  1. Beauty zone. It is often combined with a bedroom. This could be a bedside dressing table with a large mirror and an armchair, shelves and drawers for cosmetics.
  2. Rest zone. As an option, this is a private bathroom, or a separate dressing room just for the hostess. These areas can be equipped with a massage table, equipment for the work of a manicurist and hairdresser.
  3. Reception area. As a rule, this is a separate room, possibly a walk-through room, from which you can go to the bedroom. Here you need a sofa or poufs, armchairs, a coffee table, and access to a balcony or loggia would not be amiss.

How to create a boudoir

It is important to choose the right furniture, mirrors, textiles and accessories, and also be sure to think through the lighting scenario :

— A boudoir must have several lighting scenarios for different tasks. The general one – the ceiling – is created using spots; it is always useful during cleaning or when you need to find something. Good lighting around the dressing table is also important for applying makeup and other beauty treatments. This can be either a matching table lamp or a sconce. Pay attention to the warmth of the light: a light bulb with natural light is more suitable for a dressing table. And then you can create an atmosphere with the help of decorative sources – lamps, floor lamps, candles. Try using wireless lamp models that are easy to move from place to place; now they come in cute designs.

Lighting scenarios are thought out as part of the design project; making lighting in a boudoir is no more difficult than in any other room. Technically the task is no different. The cost depends on the lamps themselves: you can choose expensive designer models, or find something more affordable. If you want to save on the number of items, a dimmer will help. Then the general ceiling light or light from the sconce can be adjusted, changing the intensity depending on the mood. 

Irina Sobylenskaya, interior designer


The filling of the room is directly related to the chosen interior style. Designers advise paying attention to the following items:

  • Dressing table. It should be functional, have drawers or shelves in which you can store cosmetics, jewelry and other accessories. If the table does not have drawers, then a shallow cabinet should be provided next to it.
  • The mirror  should have good makeup lighting. However, it is not necessary to install professional makeup lamps; the main thing is to select sufficient lighting power.
  • Pouf or chair. What to put in front of the dressing table – a chair on legs with a back, a chair on wheels or a pouf – everyone decides depending on their own preferences. If the room is small, a pouf that can be pushed under the table will save space.
  • A place to store clothes. To do this, you can put a closet in the boudoir, install a separate part of the open dressing room, or provide a system of chests of drawers. It is important to think about the convenience of storage in advance. Consider how many clothes you hang on hangers, how many you place on shelves, and how many small items you have that are best stored in drawers.

— Next to the dressing area you can put another pouf, which is convenient for folding clothes while you get dressed. Or an additional floor hanger on which you can hang dresses, skirts, blouses to put together an outfit.

If there is a chest of drawers in the boudoir, in its upper part you can organize a place to store jewelry and cover it, for example, with a glass tabletop. The entire arsenal of jewelry will be in sight – this is very convenient.

Anastasia Kovalchuk , head of the Kovalchuk Interior design studio


In the boudoir, you need a large mirror in which a girl, when going somewhere or trying on an outfit, can see herself in full height. If the area of ​​the room allows you to install two or more of these mirrors, you can use this to view yourself from different angles. There should be good lighting in the mirror area. It’s great if there is both daytime natural light from the windows and evening artificial light.

Sofa or armchair

In a spacious boudoir, it is appropriate to organize a small sofa area or place a chair on which it is comfortable to sit, read, and relax. Nearby you can place a small table with a table lamp or a floor lamp with directional light.

Refrigerator for cosmetics

A very convenient storage item: during morning makeup or evening makeup removal, you don’t have to run to the kitchen refrigerator for creams, tonics and patches. You can install the device on a table; it is important not to forget to provide an outlet for it.

Finishing materials

— Modern decoration of the boudoir should be of high quality and beautiful. A boudoir is not a room of prime necessity, it is rather about pleasure and luxury: accordingly, this should be reflected in the decoration: beautiful designer wallpaper or paint in complex deep shades, stucco moldings and moldings, natural wood and stone, textile panels. All objects and surfaces should be pleasant to touch. It is important to think through the design from the sensual side.

Irina Sobylenskaya , interior designer

Textiles and accessories

Decorative details, fabrics and accessories are an important part of a woman’s room; without them, the interior may seem unfinished and uninteresting. The style of room decoration, including the use of textiles and accessories, will depend on the concept of the overall interior of the apartment.

The choice of textiles for windows will depend on which side of the world they face. You can simply drape the windows with decorative curtains, choosing shades and fabrics in the overall concept. To close the windows while changing clothes, use additional second curtains.

You can also place decorative interior items in the room – figurines, vases and other things, for example, souvenirs from trips. 

Expert comments

— I would not recommend installing powerful curtains, curtains, canopies. In a small room it will look like a theater set. It is inappropriate to use old-fashioned or pretentious accessories. It is better to choose interior items that correspond to modern trends and will highlight your individual style and features of the living space.

When decorating a boudoir, I recommend working on making the space functional first and then layering on further decorations. The main thing is that in this room you can relax, focus on yourself, put yourself in order, and put together your image.

Anastasia Kovalchuk

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