Minimalistic Dental Clinic

Project name: Dental Clinic 
Author: MOOD Design 
Year: 2022
Area: 110 sq.m.
Location:  Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova

This dental clinic is located in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova.
The owners, a young couple of doctors, wanted to create a light and relaxing atmosphere.
The project aimed to change the clichés about the design of clinics and to create an atmosphere more consistent with a spa, where young patients could feel comfortable while waiting for their appointment.
Curved wall made of stainless steel is the central motif and divides the technical rooms, restroom, and lounge area space.
Bright grey color was chosen as a base color, adding black accents by corporative elements like the black signs, door handles, and the recessed lighting tracks. Resistant materials or finishes like plaster, stainless steel, and MDF for the clinical furniture or polished concrete for the pavements are used. We brought these materials closer to the standards of medical space. Combined with indirect lighting, which goes through all the areas, conveys the sensation of calm and balance both for patients and medical staff.
Glass and light have the main role in our project. The medical rooms are placed next to the windows to take advantage of the constant natural lighting. The light flows through the gradient glass so that it firstly floods into the working areas inside the case and then into the waiting areas.

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