Minimalism and Gadgets

Gadgets are perhaps an integral part of modernity. The question is who uses them and how. 

There are people who need gadgets: for work; for fun or both. 

If you are a minimalist, then most likely you use gadgets as your “right hand”, that is, for work. 

I also consider myself a minimalist, so I agree with others on this. 

I’ll tell you what “lives” on the screens of my gadgets, and why I got rid of it. 


There are 5 folders, where most apps are stored. Four are on top of the screen and one on the bottom: 

  • Finance;
  • Utilities;
  • Business;
  • Photography
  • Bottom folder with all most-used apps;

There are also 3 apps :

  • Phone;
  • Messages;
  • Chrome;

I think this is not much for a modern minimalist, but it is necessary and functional. And one phone is enough. 

A laptop

Apart from the built-in applications that you constantly use, for example, word, the desktop is occupied only by the basket. 

Of course, it is regularly cleaned. 

Minimalist and gadgets

External drive

It has a slightly strange name: “Dark Vader”. Like other gadgets, I regularly clean the external drive from unnecessary information. It is not much, but what is now on it is relevant. 

There are only some folders on it with the names: “Backup, “Texts”, and “Photos”.

Everything fits on an External drive: from working information to entertainment. 


I use Sony WH-1000XM5. The best part of them is the noise-canceling feature that helps me concentrate on work while in the public.

These are perhaps all gadgets that I use. 

How many gadgets do you have and what is on them?

Author: Richard R.

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