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Memphis or rustic: what style in interior design to choose in 2024

We talk about current trends in interior design, which should be taken into account when repairing and arranging housing

In the first place interior fashion today is individuality, practicality, and comfort. At the same time, minimalism and Scandi are being replaced by completely new interesting trends in interior design. Experts talked about the styles that have become the most relevant in 2024.

Coastal Granny

A new style called Coastal Granny has appeared in interior design. “This is a very relaxed style with elements of nautical, Mediterranean décor, with memories of summer and vacation. This interior perfectly combines linen, wood, ceramics, nautical themes, and rattan furniture. It is worth adding shells, snags, and reeds to the interior, “recommends Elizaveta Rodionova, brand manager of Estima. She also noted that it is easy to integrate aged furniture into this style, for this, you can use a small amount of lime paint.


Scandi meets Japan and merges in the style of Japandi, which is a development of feng shui. “Essentially, it’s minimalism that blends with warm wooden elements and clean lines of Scandinavian design. In this way, Eastern and Western design philosophies merge together. Japandi is distinguished by muted colors and materials in decoration and furniture. The main thing in this style is practicality, not a single thing can be present in the house “just like that”. The furniture in the interior of Japandi is comfortable in Scandinavian and low in Japanese: according to oriental standards, the distance from its lower edge to the floor does not exceed 20-40 cm, “said Ekaterina Menshikova, designer of the Dempire studio.


Another trending style in 2024 is Memphis. “It is characterized by bright colors, geometric shapes, art, ornaments, and eccentricity. In such an interior, it is important not to be afraid to reflect your individuality through color and shape. This style encourages the juxtaposition of sculptural multi-colored objects and the play with volumes. Designers draw inspiration from totems. This style is characterized by monochrome furniture and the use of geometric lines. For example, you can choose a cube-shaped table and chairs in the spirit of pop art, a matte sofa made of black leather in combination with streamlined armchairs, shiny surfaces, and rounded lines, “said Rodionova.

Casual chic

The trend is the style of “casual chic”, or boho, is asymmetry, handmade items, a reflection of one’s own philosophy through décor and pieces of furniture, said Elizaveta Rodionova. She noted that it is worth choosing handmade furniture made of coarse materials and household items that were once in use: a large construction coil can make a nice table (if the coil is attached to the base of the wheel, the table will be easy to move around the room), and construction pallets can create a cozy base for the bed. It is also worth giving preference to deliberately uneven wall decoration, linen textiles, decorating rooms with canopies, and curtains, and integrating as many green plants as possible into the interior, the designer sums up.


In 2024, sustainable interiors are trending towards sustainable interiors that cause minimal damage to the environment. It is important not to confuse them with eco-style: sustainability means an integrated approach to home design, which can be applied to a variety of interiors, said Igor Korchagin, general director of the Designboom designer furniture and home goods store. “When creating sustainable interiors, it is worth choosing natural finishing materials from renewable sources, furniture from local manufacturers to reduce transportation costs, and décor made from recycled plastic and textiles. In the interior, new furniture harmoniously coexists with vintage, stylish décor with a garbage sorting station. And together it all looks very cool, “says the designer.


In 2024, rustic is returning to us – the design of the space in a rustic style, with natural fabrics, an abundance of wood, and simple shapes, said the expert of the Estima studio. “In order to create this style, use minimally treated wood and stone, beamed ceiling, warm, natural colors, and natural textures in the decoration. It is also necessary to choose high-quality handmade furniture, and branches, bark, and logs as décor. At the same time, there should be a minimum amount of textiles in the interior, “comments Rodionova.

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