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Maria Wettergren Gallery: Scandinavian Artists

Lightness, poetry, sensuality, and an experimental approach are in the DNA of the Parisian gallery Maria Wettergren, based as much on the latest technologies as on traditional craftsmanship. The Summertime collective exhibition is a hymn to light, warmth, patience, and slowness: the gallery moves farther and farther away from functional objects into the area of ​​emotionally charged objects that create not ergonomic comfort, but intangible, intangible.

The exposition features works by Scandinavian artists with whom the gallery has been collaborating for many years. Here is Astrid Krogh’s My Golden Horizon panel shining with the gold leaf of the setting sun. And Greta Sørensen’s Water Mirror and Jels tapestries, which are based on her photographs, are nuanced, consisting of threads of many different shades.

Next to them is the Lapisblue.Opaque and Transparent glass vases of Torah Urup, which plays with an optical illusion, pure bright colors and immerses colored glass volumes in the thickness of the transparent. Through her textile sculptures, assembled from folds sewn together with invisible zip ties, Hanne Friis engages in a dialogue with the forces of nature. They are echoed by various small objects found on the beach, woven from metal wire interspersed with them, and from this decorative panels by Gertrude Hals reminiscent of magic cobwebs.

And the ethereal reality of Ilkki Suppanen’s glass sculpture Vaporize, sparkling with silver scales in the depths of colorless glass, brings us back to the flickering of sun glare on the surface of the water on a hot summer day.

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