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Main trends 2024: how to use porcelain stoneware in the interior

The advantages of porcelain stoneware make it one of the most popular materials: it is wear-resistant, easily integrated into any design, and is used not only on the floor but also on the walls. In 2024, the material will retain its leading position in the list of trends: we tell you how to use porcelain stoneware in the interior to create a stylish space.

Closer to nature

Residents of big cities are not always able to travel into nature: this gives rise to the desire to see natural textures at home. Porcelain tiles reproduce the natural patterns of marble and stone – some of the most popular materials for the bathroom. At the same time, the coating lasts you much longer, and it is also more practical to maintain.

Zoom effect

Another trend is the pattern of natural stone with a close-up effect. The use of such porcelain tiles makes any surface an art object and an accent in the interior. Colored stones (agate, aquamarine, quartz) can be used in any room – from the living room to the office.


And you are probably familiar with this trend: designers have been using terrazzo porcelain tiles for several years. Cool new solutions include tiling the kitchen island, the wet area at the sink, or finishing the window sill. 

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