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Like in the movies: 5 life hacks when designing a kitchen

A modern kitchen can be anything but boring. With a slight movement of your hand – yours or the designer’s – it can turn into a living room, dining room, children’s room, or even hide in a closet: these are the latest trends. Our expert will tell (and show) more details.

Trend 1: Share fairly

During the pandemic, we all began to spend more time at home, and the kitchen, depending on the situation, was assigned different roles: a study, a bedroom (admit it, do you have a special sofa by the window, closer to the refrigerator?), or even a dressing room.

This is how the trend emerged to use every centimeter of the apartment to the maximum, to divide the space with the help of furniture, and to make unnoticeable transitions from one zone to another.

On three sides of such a cube, there is, in fact, a kitchen (that is, a place for cooking and storing dishes), a living room, an entrance hall, and a dressing room. No extra walls or even partitions – it’s convenient and beautiful, and there’s visually more space.

Trend 2: Playing hide and seek

Another design solution: if necessary, the kitchen work area can be hidden, made invisible – and give someone a surprise.

Imagine: you come to visit friends, drink coffee, and go to put the cup in the sink, but there is no sink! Like stoves, ovens, and cabinets. Don’t these people cook at home at all? “We’re still cooking!” – the guys answer and push apart the doors of the wardrobe. And there, instead of the usual jeans, shirts, and dresses, you find everything that should be in a modern kitchen. This design, by the way, fits perfectly into any interior.

Behind the high sliding facades are hidden not only cabinets, a dryer, and household appliances, but also the entrance to the bathroom and laundry area.

Trend 3: Mixing different things

Today it is fashionable to play with contrast, to combine ultra-modern style elements with traditional ones. Classic kitchen sets, for example, are often complemented with metal structures, aluminum frames, unusual handles, and original technological lighting. It’s important not to overdo it here, so be sure to discuss all your ideas with a professional in advance. Let the designer develop a project that you will truly like and will not get tired of in six months.

One set – two styles: classic (framed facades) and modern (striped milling). Plus “golden” fittings and an elegant display case for beautiful dishes.

Trend 4: Leaving the house

Every person sometimes dreams of living outside the city, and now outdoor kitchens are experiencing a new surge in popularity. There are more requirements for them than for conventional headsets. Agree, that it is important that the furniture can be placed both on a prepared site (for example, a concrete or tiled podium) or simply on the ground. Your outdoor kitchen should not get soggy after the first barbecue, and the cabinet doors must be closed in any weather. And it is very convenient when inside there is, among other things, space for storing dishes, grill grates, firewood, or coal.

It’s easy to imagine such a kitchen in a summer cottage. It’s made from durable materials so it can withstand rain, hail, wind, and whatever the fall weather throws at you.

Trend 5: Get inspired by nature

Everything in fashion is natural: colors, textures, materials. Bright colors have given way to calm ones, and “woody” decor and natural shades are trendy. Sky, earth, grass – it’s so nice to admire them at breakfast (and at dinner too). In general, if you have long wanted to paint your boring red kitchen the color of the first leaves or sea sand, the time has come!

This set with framed fronts and a separate work area is painted in a soothing sky-blue color. Do you feel like the morning is becoming good?

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