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Let autumn into your home: 7 options for cozy rustic decor for a city apartment

Some people love autumn for its beauty and inspiration, while others have difficulty withstanding the period of rain and slush. Both will benefit from our seasonal interior renovation ideas, designed in a warm, rustic style.

1. Textiles: focus on comfort

Thick, warm fabrics are the ideal choice for the cold Russian autumn when you want to warm up. Woolen blankets, covers for poufs, and armchairs made of velvet or knitwear, fur capes, and rugs will help create an atmosphere of comfort – just like a grandmother’s in the village.

2. Materials: natural warmth

The rustle of falling leaves in a country garden, the fresh smell of wet branches, and natural beauty – this is what you can definitely love about autumn. Therefore, the main materials for autumn decor, in addition to textiles, include wood of all colors and textures and ceramics. In the seasonal collections of brands specializing in interior design products, you can choose decorative items to suit every taste.

3. Decor: gifts of nature

Actually, we are talking about the gifts of autumn, easily available in the village: dried flowers, branches with berries, and other components suitable for ikebana. This is the easiest and most affordable way to decorate seasonally. You can prepare and compose an autumn composition yourself without any financial costs. There are a lot of options: ripe pumpkins of different sizes, “braids” of onions, or bunches of ripe viburnum.

4. Colors: foliage reference

The choice of such a color scheme is obvious because the color of the autumn forest is the warmest and most pleasant. Along with it, you can use grayish-red, brick, sienna, and orange-brown – other characteristic colors of a country landscape.

Familiar shades will sparkle in a new way in non-standard color combinations , original prints and interesting textures.

5. Microtrend: knitted accessories

Knitted items in the interior are not the most common accessory for home improvement. This kind of hand-made work is just beginning to enter the culture of interior design. Moreover, you should not confuse simple knitted napkins with knitted decorative elements: here we are talking about voluminous, useful details, imbued with handmade comfort – again, like a grandmother’s in the village.

6. Must-have: a bouquet of ears of corn

If you are a particular fan of Provence or country, you will certainly enjoy the tradition of decorating your autumn home with dried bouquets or wreaths of ears of corn. They enliven stairwells, add new touches to the kitchen space, and create a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere of a rural holiday.

7. Setting: woodpile

As you know, by autumn, homely owners in villages prepare fuel for stoves. Well, in a city apartment such a woodpile will become a cozy and effective decoration for the living room, especially a spacious one in a rustic or minimalist style.

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