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Joined two apartments and created a cool interior with pink and green tones

Designer Elena Lebedeva has created an interior that is comfortable for all family members.

In a nutshell

The customers bought a neighboring apartment next to the one in which they already live and decided to merge them. Designer Elena Lebedeva (Ivanova) created a comfortable layout taking into account the family’s plans – for example, now the children are sleeping in the same room, but after a while, they will need separate nurseries. 


There were few load-bearing walls between the apartments, and it was also possible to attach a vestibule between the apartments – this is possible with the consent of all neighbors. There were several options for combining spaces, but the customers settled on the layout where all the bedrooms go into the living room. It resembles a hotel, where the rooms open onto a common cozy lobby, where it is great to spend time together. And if you want to relax, you can always go to your room.

There is gas in the house, so the kitchen had to be left in its place and separated by doors. The dining table was moved to the living room so that it was convenient to cook in the kitchen.

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The living room was zoned with the help of a bar counter: on the one hand, it turned out to be a dining room, on the other, a sofa area with a TV.

The paint was used in the decoration: the walls can be easily tinted and restored. The project uses colored furniture, veneer, and patterned tiles, and did not want an overabundance of textures, so the main surfaces are plain.

In the interior, storage systems with mirrored fronts and lighting were used to place beautiful dishes and decor and create a more interesting environment.
Shades of powdery pink and green look very harmonious.

A couch, workplace, and wall bars were placed in the playroom. Later, it will become a separate room for the son of customers, so all zones were foreseen in advance.

Built-in storage systems have turned out to be less bulky due to the open bottom row with wicker baskets. 
Interesting idea.

The parents’ bedroom has a large bed, plenty of storage space, its own bathroom, and a dressing room with a work desk. Customers sometimes need to work from home in a quiet place.

Many gold elements were used in the decoration of the bedroom: from the base of the chair to lighting and fittings.
Mirrored cabinets expand the room and reflect sunlight.

The bathroom attached to the bedroom turned out to be very delicate and romantic – several types of finishes were used. There was enough space to accommodate a freestanding bathtub and a full-fledged shower in a building design.

The shelf for detergents was hidden in a niche in the shower room. 
Take note.
The closets in the dressing room were closed so that there was no feeling of chaos. 
After all, the room also serves as a home office.

Two beds with a single headboard were installed in the nursery. A place for cozy gatherings with a view of the courtyard was arranged by the window.

“The bathroom is designed in such a way that the toilet is in a secluded place, and opposite the door, we see a beautiful mint cabinet with a mirror. The shampoos are hidden in a niche that is also not immediately noticeable, ”says the designer.

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    Is there anyway to find out the name of the base gray color on the main walls that she used?

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