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Is it worth using carpet in the interior: pros and cons

Practical floor covering or dust collector? Current design solution or an outdated move? Let’s look at the main pros and cons of carpets.

Advantages of Carpet

1. Additional sound insulation

The material softens steps, muffles sound – and serves as additional sound insulation. With it, your neighbors will be less disturbed by your children’s gaming activities, and you will be less able to hear their music. Bonus: If the room has a TV or music player, carpeting the floor will improve the sound quality in the room.

2. Warm floor

Those who like to walk barefoot will like the material: it will make the floor much warmer. And the thermal insulation characteristics of the room will improve significantly.

3. Soft coating

Another bonus for lovers of tactilely pleasant interiors is the softness of the coating.

4. Reducing the risk of injury

An advantage that follows from the previous point. Carpet is a soft material that can soften an impact if necessary, which means it is great for children’s rooms, reducing the risk of injury in the room.

5. Easy to install

Even a beginner in the renovation business can lay carpet, and making the necessary cuts will not be difficult at home. This will save you time, effort, and money.

6. Coating integrity

The material is suitable for those who want to get a solid, uniform coating within a room, apartment, or house.

7. Cozy atmosphere

This flooring has a pronounced cozy texture, which makes the interior warmer and more lived-in.

8. Ability to retain small debris

An obvious bonus is the ability of the coating to retain small debris, preventing it from spreading throughout the apartment. Therefore, carpet is often used in the corridor and hallway: sand, dust, and debris are retained between the fibers and are not transferred into the rooms.

9. Cost

If you are ready to settle for a carpet that is not the most durable and do not strive for a natural finish, there are very few budget options in the assortment of construction hypermarkets.

10. Variety

The design of such a floor can be very different; manufacturers offer a lot of different options.

11. Timeless relevance

A plain, textured floor covering is a design that will always be relevant, without reference to fashion trends. And if you are planning an interior that is not constrained by trends, this carpet will suit you. It will also suit the court in an ultra-modern setting.

Disadvantages of carpet

1. Difficulty of care

This floor requires regular careful maintenance. Often, to clean carpets, housewives have to buy a more powerful vacuum cleaner, spend time and effort on manual cleaning with detergents, and periodically contact cleaning companies for general cleaning. Otherwise, the coating (especially light shades) loses its appearance and looks untidy. Not to mention the accumulated dust and dirt, which is very difficult to completely wash out.

2. Impossibility of replacing the damaged area

If you have partially ruined (damaged, stained) the carpet, it is almost impossible to correct the situation unnoticed: in most cases, you will have to replace the entire carpet.

3. Dust collector

Allergy sufferers and asthmatics are advised to reduce the amount of textiles in the interior and abandon carpeting. The big word “dust collector” is really appropriate in this case.

4. Short service life of budget coatings

Of course, there is a durable, wear-resistant carpet. However, it is either not intended for residential premises or costs a lot of money. Budget coatings have a short service life: after 3-5 years, the trodden “paths” of your movements around the house will become noticeable on the floor.

5. Unnaturalness of budget coatings

The choice of such coatings is wide: you can easily find high-quality, natural, environmentally friendly options, but they will cost a decent amount; such a solution can no longer be called budget. But if you choose carpet at a low price, in most cases there will be no talk about the natural origin of the material.


Carpet is the choice of those who are looking for a soft, warm, budget-friendly floor covering and are ready to replace it after several years of use. But if you’re looking for something more durable, it may be worth considering alternative options (such as wood or tile combined with rugs and runners).

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