Incredible transformation of a small-sized 35 m² apartment (see photos before and after)


This small apartment of 35 sq. m is located in an old brick house built in 1820. From the first glance at the room, the designers from Background Studio realized that the interior would definitely not be standard. As a result, we got a walk-through kitchen and a living room with the function of a bedroom with zoning with wooden partitions.


The customer wanted to create a cozy place for his friends to stay in. In a small area, it was necessary to place the zones of the hallway, kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom, and bathroom – and at the same time keep the air.

“We managed to create a layout that includes all these wishes: there is an entrance hall with a small closet and space for shoes, a small kitchen with a refrigerator, hob, and microwave. The kitchen countertop turns into a semi-bar table, which, as it were, flows into the living area. There is a living room with a sofa and a bedroom with a bed 160×200 cm, a dressing table, and a wardrobe,” the authors of the project say.

In decorative elements and finishes, elements of the old and the new were combined. Part of the walls was cleaned to brick and glazed with lime plaster, and the window slopes were leveled – an interesting combination of even boxes with curved surfaces turned out. They decided not to sew up the lower surface of the wooden beams; they made planes of drywall between them.

In the process of repair, it was necessary to strengthen the wooden structures of the floor. For this, two transverse metal I-beams were installed: one – above the partition between the kitchen and the living room, the other – in the center of the room. This brought elements of the loft into the interior, they were supplemented with lintels above the windows and a rough metal table.

“An interesting element that we called an aquarium is a glass display cabinet between the room and the kitchen. It is double-sided, transparent, filled with glasses, and glows in the dark like a designer lamp,” the designers say.

The bathroom has a full shower, a small sink, and a toilet with cabinets above the installation. Porcelain stoneware was used in the decoration of the walls and floor, and the sink was made to order from artificial stone.

Photo of the apartment before renovation

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