IKEA: Super-objects from the RÅVAROR collection

We tell you about new items that will help you quickly turn a small-sized or rented apartment into a comfortable and well-thought-out space.

IKEA has released a new collection for small spaces and mobile lifestyles. A total of 20 items are presented in it. Together they are able to make any small room as functional as possible, even if you may soon be moving to a new home. The collection is already available in all IKEA stores. We will tell you about seven items that we liked the most.


Designers have thought out every centimeter in it so that even in the smallest room you can cook comfortably. 

For storage, this compact kitchen has multiple shelves, hooks, and a bottom drawer that can be positioned in one of three ways. And along the rear edge of the countertop and sink is a stainless steel safety panel.

By the way, such a kitchen will decorate any summer house – take a closer look at it!

RÅVAROR Mini-kitchen


During the day you can place your guests on it, and at night it will become a comfortable bed for you. All you need to do is add a matching mattress to the couch – and you’re done!

By the way, the backrest can be installed in different ways, and if necessary, the couch bed can be disassembled into two parts.

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Trolley on wheels

The case when everything is at hand. Little things will fit in a drawer under the lid, and it is convenient to store books on top or just put a cup of coffee. If necessary, the trolley can be pushed under the bed or moved to another room.

RÅVAROR Utility cart

Modules on wheels

A minimalist floor hanger not only looks stylish. It is convenient to store clothes on a hanger on the railing, and boxes and baskets with shoes or accessories can be placed on the lower shelf. 

The smaller version of the module is even more functional: it can easily replace a chest of drawers in the bedroom, a shelf in the hallway, or a shelf in an office. And in the event of a change of housing, the module on its wheels will easily move with you.

Table lamp

This lamp definitely deserves your attention! It can be placed on a table or fixed with a clip-on on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. And also one of the clear advantages is the adjustment of the height and direction of the light. 

Clamp table lamp


RÅVAROR tables can be used both as dining and writing tables. And you can also make various combinations of them – the tables have the same height and width. 

Please note that each leg has only one mount, so the tables are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Bench shelf

This is both an extra space for guests and a storage solution. If suddenly it gets in the way, just slide it under the table or move it to another room. And to fix the module in place, it is enough to lock two wheels. 

Bench on casters

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