How a 61 m² two-room apartment was turned into a full-fledged three-room apartment

In order for both parents and the child to have full-fledged sleeping places, it was necessary to make a radical redevelopment


Anna and Dmitry Korobko came up with the interior of an apartment for a young family with a 1.5-year-old child. With the help of competent redevelopment, they managed to turn a two-room apartment into a full-fledged three-room apartment with a spacious kitchen-living room, a separate bedroom, and a nursery. For this purpose, glass partitions were used to zone the sleeping area.


During the redevelopment process, we combined the living room with the kitchen and designed a small bedroom without a window, but with glass partitions. This decision made it possible to create an isolated nursery. In the hallway, an area was allocated for a dressing room, and storage systems were built into niches in the living rooms.

I wanted to create an interior that is timeless – with a calm and universal basis. “We ended up with a fairly natural palette using wooden textures. The doors were highlighted in color in the form of arches, which optically lengthens them even more (although the height of the panels themselves is 2300 mm) and emphasizes the height of the ceilings,” say the designers.

The walls in some areas are painted in two levels: the lower level is a complex blue-gray shade, and the upper level is a light neutral tone. In the bedroom, the shades were swapped, and the bottom color was dominant.

The wardrobe in the bedroom will be free-standing, but built into a niche – this way it will look more harmonious and beautiful. The fact that it does not reach the ceiling was played up: the box from the cabinet to the ceiling was covered with stucco decoration in the form of slats along the entire perimeter of the room – it looks very organic.

The children’s room turned out to be a very joyful space – thanks to the beautiful blue shade, arch-shaped niche, and interesting decor. Due to the large windows, there is a lot of light in the room.

Two types of porcelain tiles were used in the bathroom: the base was light stone tiles, and the area behind the vanity with the sink was highlighted with plain light gray tiles. It goes into a light cabinet above the installation, which covers the boiler and combs located there.

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