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Inspired by Saint Tropez

Inspired by Saint Tropez, developed in collaboration with most famous world manufacturers, created with love. It is a modern-style home with classic wall and ceiling decors. The principle of symmetry prevails in which the main object becomes a round dining table with an impressive, curved wall behind it. It repeats the shape of the table and forms the dining space. Functionally, the apartment is divided into two parts- a living room, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms on one side, and a kitchen, dining room, and hall sharing one space on the other. There are no active colors in this interior, natural wood and dark grey textures dominate. We created a cozy and elegant home and added a piece of vivacity by including some graphic elements.

Author: Irma Pivoriūnienė
Photographer: Norbert Tukaj
Year: 2021

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