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IKEA for schoolchildren: 8 items that will help arrange their workplace

Combinations of desks and shelves, useful accessories for storage and activities – in our selection you will find useful things for a schoolchild’s children’s room.

1. Combination: desktop and Svalnas storage system

Save space while creating a functional workspace? This is possible with the help of the Svalnas storage system. IKEA has several combinations in its assortment, but the most budget-friendly and at the same time convenient is with a table and shelves on top. It is suitable if you are looking for a system for growth since such a table will definitely fit the size of an older student, but for a younger student, you just need to hang the combination lower.

2. Combination “Eket”

It can be difficult without additional storage – modern schoolchildren have a lot of notebooks, books, and special work journals. So all this needs to be put somewhere. The “Eket” combination is quite suitable for this purpose and will replace the bedside tables. Well, if you ever decide to get a bedside table, this combination can be moved to the hallway or living room.

3. Table “PÅHL”

A table that grows with the child is exactly that model. The height of the legs is adjustable, and you can also add shelves to increase functionality. By the way, the “PÅHL” tables have space on the legs for an extension cord and wires.

4. Micke table with shelf

Another option for a functional desk. Shelves installed on the countertop are convenient; there is no need to drill into the walls. A good solution for those who do not live in their own apartment or are simply worried about wall decoration.

5. Children’s table “Flisat”

A children’s table is an excellent solution for beginning schoolchildren: those who go to preparatory or first grade. It does not look like a standard table and allows you to involve your child in activities in the form of a game. By the way, its legs are also adjustable.

6. Note board “MOJLIGHET”

A convenient addition to your desktop. The board has a basket where you can put a book or notebook or hang modules and store, say, pens in them.

7. Easel “MÅLA”

Let your kids practice some drawing skills. Try this with a slate easel. 

8. Nightstand “Lennart”

A budget bedside table will increase the functionality of your workplace, and transparent drawers will help you quickly find the notebook or textbook you need. 

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