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How to store clothes in an apartment: 6 pro tips

Ideas that will be useful to owners of both spacious and small apartments

Storing clothes in an apartment is an eternal problem. And it doesn’t matter how many square meters you have: any interior can be cluttered. Designer Daria Pikova shared tips on how to properly organize storage.

1. If possible, make a dressing room

In any apartment it is important to allocate as many places as possible for storing things, otherwise, even the most beautiful interior can easily become cluttered. Whenever possible, I make dressing rooms rather than closets: they visually unload the interior and make life easier. But there is not always room for this.

2. Under-bed storage

The bed is on a podium, at the bottom of which there are spacious drawers – a convenient storage option in small apartments. The headboard can also be used as an additional shelf for things.

3. Wardrobe at the entrance to the apartment

If you value open space and don’t like unnecessary details, then the ideal solution would be a closed closet in the hallway, where you can put outerwear, bags, umbrellas, shoes, and accessories.

4. Use open storage systems if you have no other choice

You need to be careful with them and not overdo it, otherwise, the house will always be a mess. In the hallway, hooks and hangers are acceptable if you understand why you need them. 

For example, I recently had a project for a family with three children. It was clear that the children would not put their clothes away in the closet upon entering, so the hooks came in handy.

5. Wardrobes at the head of the bed

Spacious closets around the head of the bed are a good storage option in a bedroom where there is no room for a wardrobe or dressing room. It is better to choose light shades for the cabinet so that the space remains more airy.

6. Place a clothes rack

If there is not enough space for clothes, you can install a beautiful rack or rail. Or even a nice design object to hang clothes on (like a stylized mannequin). 

True, such items look stylish on Pinterest, but in reality, everything is not so simple. For photography, the stylist carefully selects clothing shapes and colors to coordinate with each other, rather than simply throwing removed clothing onto a hanger. 

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