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How to revive a tired interior? 5 designer tips

It doesn’t matter how you bought the apartment: renovated from the developer or on the secondary market, there is often a need to quickly improve the design. This problem can also appear in your long-lived apartment. What to do if you don’t have the money, time, and energy for a full renovation?


Changing the color of the walls is a great solution for a budget renovation renovation. It is better to choose light beige or gray shades: they are easier to combine with existing furniture, and they look light and pleasant. Of course, you can choose any color, but it is important that it is in harmony with the flooring, because replacing the floor implies a complete renovation.

Choose paint with a minimum degree of gloss, more matte – such walls always look advantageous. If the existing walls are prepared for painting, then the costs will be minimal, but if you have wallpaper, they will have to be dismantled and smooth walls prepared. I had experience painting over textured decorative plaster, which can also turn out interesting and stylish.


New furniture upholstery will perfectly update your renovation. Companies or private craftsmen will reupholster old sofas, armchairs, and even beds. This will be much cheaper than buying new furniture. It is necessary to select special furniture fabrics: they have greater density and wear resistance.

Now there are even “anti-vandal” fabrics that will prevent your pet from leaving claw marks and will not absorb juice or wine spilled on the sofa. With such fabric, your favorite sofa or chair will serve you for many more years. In my experience, familiar furniture that suddenly becomes beautiful and bright brings customers complete delight. 


Curtains, pillows on sofas, blankets – all this adds coziness and helps make the renovation more stylish. You can alternate textiles depending on the time of year: in winter – heavy knitted items, and in summer – light ones with a bright print. Textiles can be used to place color accents, or you can choose textiles in the general color scheme. With textiles, for example, you can add a New Year’s mood by adding a few elements with a Christmas print.

Paintings and posters

This is the most budget option that will not only enliven the interior but also add individuality to it. Frames of different sizes are sold in any construction hypermarkets and decor stores. Posters can be found according to your taste on the Internet, and printed at any copy center with large-format printing. In my practice, there have been cases when we decorated the walls with the creativity of customers, children’s drawings, and photographs from travel – it always looks advantageous. 

Accent Decor

The times when it was fashionable to display all the services on shelves are long gone. Small souvenirs and mismatched trinkets on open shelves become visual noise. It is better to remove unnecessary things not only from the shelves, but also throughout the apartment, and fill the empty space with several accent details: place a fashionable floor lamp next to the sofa, add a large floor vase with pampas grass, and several decorative figurines of modern design. A good option, by the way, would be shelves with books with identical, plain covers. 

Replacing lamps

Chandeliers and sconces quickly become outdated in design and appearance, especially if it is an ultra-fashionable chandelier: usually such options become outdated within five years. Replace them with models that are in demand now, and notice how your interior will freshen up. Today, minimalistic lamps in design, without unnecessary details, are relevant.

You can upholster furniture, place bright accents in the decor, and even paint walls on a budget quickly. The joy and inspiration from the new environment will definitely be more valuable.

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