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How to refresh your interior with textiles: 9 ideas

With the onset of the warm season, we advise you to update not only your wardrobe but also the decorative decoration of your home. Take advantage of the ideas from our selection!

1. Texture carpets

Pay attention to textured carpets with different pile heights, which gives them additional depth and visual dynamism, and provides a pleasant tactile sensation when walking barefoot.

2. Unusual pillow covers

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your interior is to change the covers on your decorative pillows. This summer, designers advise choosing fashionable new clothes, decorated using traditional techniques: embroidery, lace, and macrame.

3. Furniture upholstery with an active pattern

To significantly transform the interior, it is enough to prefer plain upholstery of upholstered furniture “along with” an active pattern. In this case, fabrics with a summer-themed pattern, such as floral, are relevant.

4. Bright curtains

Another way to change the scenery is to “change” the windows. A fashionable technique is to use draperies made of fabrics with different patterns. And for protection from the scorching sun, roller blinds are best suited, with which you can easily adjust the lighting.

5. Textile lampshades

With the help of bright textile lampshades it is easy to change the impression of the interior. Designers advise using them as a decorative accent in rooms with white or pastel-colored walls. In this case, the desired frame for the light can be ordered from the studio or created independently.

6. Finishing the head of the bed 

Fans of unusual details can transform the decoration of the headboard. For the material for the cover or upholstery, select a fabric that matches the overall textile design of the bed. A simple way is to focus on companion fabrics from the same collection.

7. Bed linen in rich colors

To create summer enthusiasm in your bedroom, call for help from textiles with rich shades and “vibrating” patterns characteristic of this time of year. For the hot season, bedding made from light natural fabrics is suitable.

8. Bathroom textiles

The most intimate room in the house also requires a textile transformation! For example, a set of turquoise towels will help bring a maritime mood to the appearance of the bathroom. Products can also be striped or decorated with embroidery or playful pom-poms.

9. Kitchen Accessories

It is advisable to change textiles not only in the dining room but also in the kitchen, adding a few fresh accessories: a colorful potholder, an apron, or a waffle towel.

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