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How to refresh your interior over the weekend: 10 ideas

We’ve collected some cool ideas and devices that will help with this.

To transform a “tired” interior, it is not necessary to make large-scale renovations – for example, painting walls or changing floors. Just a few days and attention to detail – textiles, lighting, and decor – are enough. We tell you how to make your space feel fresher and more welcoming in one weekend.

Carry out general cleaning

Although the point may seem obvious, it is very important: cleanliness is not only about aesthetics but also about taking care of your health and psychological state. During cleaning (i.e. physical activity), endorphins are produced, and the house becomes better right before your eyes.

List of must-dos:

  • vacuum thoroughly (under the sofa, bed, in inaccessible places),
  • wipe the dust (get to all hard-to-reach places, even to the very top shelves of cabinets),
  • wash the floor (remove all objects from the surface to ensure effective cleaning),
  • wash the windows and glass surfaces (after the soap solution, do not forget to wipe the glass with a microfiber cloth),
  • wipe the mirrors.

Clean out your closet

Winter is coming, which means now is the best time to clean out your wardrobe. Wash and iron your clothes for the winter season, and summer-autumn items that are definitely no longer useful can be put in beautiful boxes until next year. If you do not have organized storage, purchase the necessary devices – hangers or organizers.

Hang your clothes neatly in your closet: hang items of the same category (for example, sweaters or T-shirts) next to each other to make it easier for you to navigate through your items. At the same time, you can get rid of wardrobe items that you haven’t worn for a long time: decluttering is another key to a comfortable interior.

Update furniture

As we said, in order to refresh the interior, you don’t need to buy new armchairs or sofas. It’s easy to give old items a second life: update the upholstery if it’s outdated or you want to add a bright accent to the room. By the way, you can reupholster the sofa yourself.

If you don’t want to waste time on this, there is another option – steam the old upholstery. Hot steam destroys bacteria, furniture becomes cleaner and fresher, and without household chemicals!

Do some gardening

Flowers in a vase or pot can transform any space. There are several points to consider here. If you are often on the go, plants that are not very thirsty are suitable for your home – types of succulents or sansevieria. Remember also about a godsend for all the forgetful – pots with automatic watering.

In each room, consider the microclimate: cacti grow well in bright sunlight, and moderate lighting is good for ficus. When choosing pots, take into account the design: for Scandi it is better to choose wicker baskets; minimalist interiors will be decorated with plants with large leaves and plain flowerpots with strict geometry; for classics, flowering plants and pots with laconic decor are suitable.

Refresh textiles

The interior may look “tired” due to textiles, so it is important to give it an attractive look. Wash and iron curtains, and blankets that help keep you warm in winter, as well as tablecloths (if you have fabric ones).

Do not forget that delicate fabrics require appropriate care: it is better to wash curtains at minimum temperatures, and it is easy to maintain their freshness in the future using a steamer.

Clean the tiles in the bathroom and on the kitchen apron, renew the grout

Plaque on tiles can ruin any interior. Vinegar is considered one of the most effective folk remedies for cleansing, but you can use any option that suits you. Clean up the shower stall or tiles in the bathroom, and remove grease and other dirt from the kitchen apron.

And if you want bigger changes, the easiest option is to update the tile grout. It won’t take much time, but the room will sparkle in a new way. Even the simplest white bathroom will be transformed if the shade of the grout is changed to black.

Organize storage in kitchen drawers and bathroom

A chaotic variety of things on the shelves looks sloppy, and it becomes more difficult to navigate through them. You can eliminate the problem and add shine to your bathroom and kitchen through proper storage organization. Place cutlery in trays and containers if they are not already folded, and for bulk foods, buy beautiful jars in the same style. Place household appliances that you rarely use away so that they do not take up space.

In the bathroom, get rid of visual noise (bright packaging of shampoos or shower gels) – it is also better to pour them into stylish dispensers. Shelves will help unload surfaces, and a beautiful wicker basket will be suitable for storing towels.

Wash or replace dishes

When the kitchen has already been cleaned and storage is organized, you need to sort out the dishes. Stains on a kettle or pots look untidy, but these are the items that are often in plain sight. Therefore, we begin a thorough cleaning: we wash the old pots until they shine, and we get rid of not only the dirt on the kettle but also the scale.

If the dishes cannot be restored, throw them away and buy new sets – a great reason to buy a beautiful kitchen set in the same style or modern frying pans.

Throw away the excess

Remember “granny” apartments, where every room is overloaded with things. In order for the interior to be harmonious, it is important to periodically declutter – get rid of everything unnecessary. Disassemble the drawers in which everything in the world is stored, wardrobe, cosmetics and bathroom, kitchen, cabinets.

What items should you throw away? Jars of care products that you haven’t used for a long time, faded towels, torn textiles, dishes with chips and old sponges, broken interior items that haven’t been fixed for years (and are unlikely to be fixed). 

Add light

Light in the interior is as important as the decor. With its help, we zone rooms and create an atmosphere. Be sure to clean all the light bulbs in the house. If some do not work, replace them with new ones. Make sure that the entire apartment has the same lighting – warm white light is ideal for living spaces. Do you understand that some area is not illuminated enough? Buy a stylish floor lamp or sconce.

And, of course, you need to wash the chandeliers themselves: carefully wash every detail so that the chandelier looks like new.

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