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How to quickly refresh your interior with decorative stickers

Decorative stickers can quickly change the atmosphere in a room and add a bright, original accent to the interior.

A colorful image on a vinyl film, on the back of which an adhesive composition is applied, is called a decorative sticker. Some stickers may have a vinyl layer attached to a paper backing. In others, the parts of the composition are connected and held in place by a special film (it is removed after fixing the element to the base).

Installation of decorative stickers is incredibly simple. This does not require special skills or any consumables. The film fits well on any dry and flat surfaces, on painted or wallpapered surfaces, ceramic tiles, and wood, including furniture, as well as household appliances made of metal and plastic, and much more. The main thing is that the surface is clean and free of fragile, crumbling particles and dust. After a time, the stickers are just as easy to remove without leaving any traces. The only exception is paper wallpaper. 

Decorative stickers are a great way to brightly, unusually, and most importantly, in a very short time, decorate your interior for a holiday, anniversary, or memorable event. By the way, certain types of stickers are very practical. Thus, imitation of the surface of a blackboard will help children play school, rehearse answers on the board, and solve new problems. Similar figures on the refrigerator, and kitchen backsplash, will be useful as a variety of “reminders” for household members. 

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