How to personalize the interior: 3 ideas

Today, our homes have acquired a special value for us – they have become associated with calmness and comfort, and they have become real personal shelters from the visual noise and stress of the world around us. Faceless identical interiors, as if descended from Pinterest pictures, are a thing of the past. We want to live in a space created especially for us, in interiors that bear the imprint of our personality, surrounded by things that have a history.

Show off your hobby

Artistic natures should not hide their finished projects in cabinets and drawers. Instead of hiding your works, fill your interior with them. By using beautiful frames, you can make examples of your hobby the centerpiece of every room.

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Create a gallery wall

Contemporary art and photography, snapshots from your travels, images of friends and family members – the choice for creating a gallery wall are wide and varied. But instead of arranging all the photos in one line, it is worth bringing dynamics and hanging the framed images in different positions to create a coherent image.

Bring personal values

It is not necessary to completely update the interior when moving to a new house or during renovation. Save valuable pieces of furniture, accessories, or memorabilia and fit them into the new space. Resist mindless consumption – reupholster an old chair or armchair, repaint a chest of drawers, and refurbish a desk.

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