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How to organize storage in a small apartment: 8 ideas

If you feel like you’re running out of storage space at home, take a look at these examples. The area of ​​the smallest apartment is 28 square meters. This does not interfere with its functionality at all.

1. Make cabinets up to the ceiling

Apartment area: 29 sq. m

In order to fully utilize the height of the space and fit all the necessary utensils, designer Anastasia Kapachinskikh decided to make cabinets up to the ceiling. It made no sense to leave free space where nothing was usually stored and where dust collected.

2. Paint them to match the walls

Apartment area: 29 sq. m

Do you want to hide a closet in the interior? Paint it to match the walls or a similar shade, as in the project by Anna Vorobyova.

3. Use mirrored facades

Apartment area: 35 sq. m

A full-fledged deep closet did not fit in this apartment, so the One Line Design designers replaced it with a narrow storage system with mirrored facades, which at the same time expanded the space of the narrow hallway.

4. Hide your kitchen in a closet

Apartment area: 28 sq. m

If the option of repainting kitchen facades does not suit you, hide them. Look how designer Irina Ezhova hid the kitchen unit behind laconic doors. 

5. Use a transforming wardrobe

Apartment area: 28 sq. m

Instead of a full bed, designer Daria Nazarenko provided a transformable sleeping place. A deep, spacious closet complements the folding sofa with storage drawers.

6. Or the podium

Apartment area: 38 sq. m

Designers Julia Schmidt and  Alexandra Taranova used a podium with many doors for storage. There was even room for a surfboard under the bed.

7. What about niches?

Apartment area: 35 sq. m

If the apartment already has niches, use them: equip shelves, as the designers of the Katyusha studio did. 

8. Make mezzanines

Apartment area: 37 sq. m

In this project, designer Zhanna Studentsova used the space around the doorway: mezzanines were installed here and covered with laconic facades.

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