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How to make your bed beautifully: ideas, life hacks

From pillows to blankets, we tell you how to make any bed beautifully. We show design options for beds of any size and ideas for different interior styles.

Making a bed beautifully is an art. High-quality textiles significantly affect the quality of sleep, and the way it looks affects the atmosphere of the room and the overall mood. In this article, we will figure out how to make the bed in the bedroom so that it is beautiful and cozy.

What should be on the bed?

The minimum set for any sleeping place: sheet, pillows, and blanket. Decorative textiles are optional, but they make the composition more stylish, cozy, and complete. Using photos of made beds as an example, let’s look at how to select each element.


The bottom layer is very important because during sleep we come into contact with the sheet with our entire body. It is important to choose a high-quality fabric that will be pleasant to the touch, allow air to pass through, and maintain a comfortable temperature. But let’s not forget about the decorative component, so you also need to decide on the model.

The sheet may be:

  • Standard – an ordinary fabric rectangle, which is laid on a mattress or mattress pad. It is advisable to take the size with a margin so that you can tuck in the edges of the sheet. This way it won’t move, bunch up, or bunch up.
  • With an elastic band, this is a modern and very convenient option to use. There is an elastic band around the entire perimeter of the sheet, so you do not need to tuck in the edges of the sheet yourself – you just need to put it on the mattress like a cover.
  • Decorative is any model with flowing decorations: for example, frills, fringe, tassels, and lace. Most often, these sheets have an elastic band, but there are also classic models. Select the size so that the decorative elements reach almost to the floor. Thanks to this, the entire composition will look more impressive.

A little secret for making a bed like in a hotel: you can lightly spray the sheets with a spray bottle – this will make it much easier to smooth out the sheets. And if you add a couple of drops of essential oil to the water, the room will also be filled with a pleasant soothing aroma.


Pillows are placed on top of the sheets. They come in two types: for sleeping and decorative.

Depending on the overall style and your preferences, there may be a minimum of them (for example, one per person) or a whole bunch. But remember that you shouldn’t overdo it either: there shouldn’t be so many pillows that you can’t see the bed behind them.

You can arrange the pillows symmetrically, exactly in a row – if you like strict classic compositions. In this case, buy them in pairs: two or four of each type. Or, if you want artistic chaos, stack them chaotically, one on top of the other. If you are laying out items in rows, go from largest to smallest.

Decorative accessories can match the overall palette or, conversely, be brighter: rich in color, with inscriptions or interesting patterns. Sometimes rollers are chosen instead of classic rectangular or square models. Pay attention to the pronounced cozy textures: corduroy, faux fur, jacquard.


Next comes the top layer of the composition – the blanket. It should be comfortable, tactilely pleasant, and made of high-quality breathable material.

Usually, there is only one, but if two people sleep in a bed, some people find it more convenient to have their own separate accessory. In this case, the tucked blankets are either placed on top of each other or folded in half along the long side and placed side by side, covered with a common blanket on top.

From the point of view of interior decoration, the main role, of course, is played by the duvet cover. Most often it is included in the general bedding set, matching the color and pattern (if any) with pillowcases and sheets. But this is not the only option: you can choose textiles from different sets. If you prefer plain linen, choose a duvet cover made of linen, jacquard, or silk – these fabrics look impressive without additional decorations or bright patterns. 

There are two ways to make a blanket:

  • Spread it all over the mattress and place pillows on top.
  • Place just below the pillows, folding the top edge. This option looks especially beautiful if you choose a reversible duvet cover. This way, two colors or patterns will be visible at once.


Nowadays, manufacturers produce beautiful and self-sufficient bedding sets, so some even abandon the top bedspread.

But still, this option is still popular – after all, it is not just beautiful, but also practical, since an additional layer of fabric protects the sleeping area from dust and dirt. This way the laundry stays clean and fresh longer.

How to beautifully make a bed with a bedspread:

  • If you have a classic composition, the bedspread is laid out over the entire surface of the blanket, completely covering the linen. Decorative pillows are laid out on top. The edges of the decorative fabric can be tucked under the mattress – like a sheet.
  • You can fold it a little carelessly, just on one part of the bed. This option looks good if the fabric is soft. There are also special models of smaller sizes, so as not to pile up several layers of large folds on the bed.

For an additional effect, you can throw a soft blanket on top. This will add color and comfort.

How to beautifully make a bed in a bedroom or nursery

Let’s consider options for beautiful textile designs of different sleeping places: from children’s to king-size.


Single models are most often found in children’s rooms. Since the space is narrow, they usually do without a top blanket – especially if the sleeping area is in a corner. In this case, it is inconvenient to refill it every time. Instead, it is better to choose beautiful bed linen, which in itself will look quite formal. If desired, add a couple of small decorative pillows and a blanket that can be laid out at the foot of the bed or simply thrown on the bed.

Small Double

In general, the same rules apply to Small Double as to single models. There shouldn’t be a lot of pillows – 1-2 for sleeping and a couple of decorative ones will be enough (or you can do without them at all). A bedspread is also optional, but a small textured blanket will be very useful. If the bed is in a nursery, give up complex patterns – the child should be able to make and spread the bed himself.


Double beds come in different sizes. Standard – from 180 to 200 cm long and from 140 to 180 cm wide. King size – from 200 cm long and 180 cm wide (most often it is 200 by 200 cm). This area is enough for any decorative experiments. If the sleeping place is located in the center, it makes sense to decorate it with a blanket. If it’s in a corner, you can refuse it for reasons of convenience.

A bed of this size in itself becomes the focal point of the bedroom, but you can additionally draw attention to it with the help of an abundance of decorative textiles: pillows, bedspreads, and blankets. Since this will be a large spot of color, select bedding so that it matches the shades of other interior elements: decor, other textiles (for example, window curtains ), furniture, or decoration.

Ideas for different styles

There are many options on how to make a bed with a bedspread and how to arrange pillows. It all depends on the overall style of the room. Here are some ideas for different directions.


Modern design involves maximum freedom and a minimum of visual canons. The main thing is the convenience and functionality of each element. In this case, textiles unobtrusively complement the space, making it more comfortable and relaxing. Contemporary style does not require strictness; you can arrange the pillows in a chaotic manner, discard the bedspread, or casually throw on a blanket.


In minimalism, textiles play a special role, since there is little decor in such interiors. It is undesirable to use bed linen in too bright colors and with a variegated pattern – it is better to be plain or with an unobtrusive, barely noticeable pattern. You can do without decorative pillows and bedspreads – or choose them in the most neutral design. Monochrome sets are now very popular when all textiles are in shades of the same color: for example, gray, beige, or brown.


Scandinavian style is perfect for creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom. Choose bedding made from natural fabrics in neutral natural shades. The texture of fabrics such as linen, cotton, or calico will look good.


Loft is a bold, spectacular, and brutal style. It is characterized by a certain roughness, sometimes even coldness – primarily due to the appropriate materials used in the interior. These are concrete, brick, stone, untreated wood, metal, and glass. Textiles for the bed should be the same texture, but any design of the bed will suit. Slight negligence is allowed and even encouraged; lace and satin ribbons are definitely not suitable.


Any classic interiors are built on the principles of symmetry. The composition always has a center; otherwise, strict, mostly straight lines are maintained. This is exactly the case when it is better to lay out the pillows in even rows from largest to smallest and tuck the bedspread along the edges. Ornaments and rich colors are acceptable, but the shades should be deep and noble. Pay attention to pillows, sheets, and bedspreads with various decor: embroidery, fringe, and hangings. Choose fabrics with a beautiful, expensive texture: silk, jacquard, velvet, satin, natural cotton.


The rustic style has several subtypes: from Provence, well known to many, to country, chalet, and Russian estate. Their approach to bed design is generally the same. Natural fabrics like linen and cotton are welcome, as well as decorations traditional for rustic interiors: lace, hand embroidery, and patchwork. Often they use floral and, in principle, any botanical ornament. Country and its varieties are characterized by an abundance of decorative pillows, bedspreads, and blankets – the latter are almost always made of wool, great if they are hand-knitted.

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