How to decorate Empty Wall? Here are 10 ideas what to do with it

1. Wallpaper or draw something on the entire wall

In the case of painting, you cannot do without the help of a professional, but the effect will also be impressive. 

2. Hang up the world map

For the avid traveler, a decorative map of the world made from pieces of wood glued to the wall is the best wall decoration. 

3. Place a mirror

Mirrors, small or large, always increase the space and the amount of light in the room.

4. Hang a picture

Oil paintings work best in isolation, but a composition of several paintings can also look impressive.

5. Or a decorative panel

A win-win solution for wall decor. Panels can be made of wood and metal of different colors – your imagination is not limited.

6. Use feathers

7. And different things made of straw and rattan

Wicker hats, napkins, or mirrors in wood or reed frames will create a more cozy atmosphere in the interior.

8. Place musical instruments

For example, a collection of guitars on the living room wall.

9. Design a phytowall

Instead of an empty wall, opt for green plants. They will make the interior more cheerful.

10. Paint it with two color combination

Use paint to add accent. Two close shades and an uneven edge will make the interior more interesting.

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