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How to decorate an interior in neoclassical style

We will tell you the example of this stylish and elegant four-room apartment in a new building

Designers from IA Buro designed a spacious apartment of 106 square meters in neoclassical style. The result is an elegant, expensive interior with interesting details. We found out the details. 


The customers are a young and active married couple, without children yet. But everything had to be taken into account, so instead of the bedrooms that the developer proposed, the designers organized three full-fledged isolated rooms: a master bedroom, a guest room, and an office, which in the future could become a nursery.

Kitchen-living room

The customers wanted a light interior with classic elements and a dark master block with a bathroom and dressing room. The kitchen was made to order: a classic combination of black and white facades was used. The upper facades are in white matte enamel, the lower ones are in black. 

Classic moldings made of polyurethane were used on the walls, and the ceiling cornices were made of plaster, with grilles built into them for supply ventilation. There are also brass elements, lighting, glass, and mirrors.


A walk-through dressing room leads to the bedroom. The interior is made in cool gray shades, and it looks very cozy due to textiles and accessories.

The bedroom has a large number of storage areas and lighting scenarios: spotlights, a chandelier with a classic rosette, curtain lighting, and wall sconces.

Guest bedroom

For the second bedroom, we chose a very gentle, warm color palette. The walls were also decorated with moldings, and the bed was installed with a high soft headboard upholstered in a “carriage tie”.


The walls are painted azure, the sofa was chosen to match. The slatted facades on the furniture are made of MDF and have glass shelves with lighting.


The master bathroom was designed with a shower and two sinks, which is very convenient. To decorate the walls, we used porcelain stoneware in light and dark shades, plus an accent wooden panel made of moisture-resistant material (TSS panel).

The second bathroom is located at the entrance; it is not only a guest bathroom, but will later be a children’s bathroom, so a shower and a bowl bath were placed here, just as the customers dreamed of. This bathroom used the same tiles as the master bathroom, but in some places, brass inserts were installed between the elements – they add luxury and go well with the lamps.


In the passage rooms, the same techniques were used as in the living rooms: moldings on the walls, plain painting, gold accessories, and fittings.

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