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How to decorate an accent wall: 9 ideas

Our selection has ideas for every budget. For those who are not ready to make repairs and change the finish, we have found an easy way to decorate an accent wall in just a day

It’s easy to brighten the interior and add mood: you just need to highlight one of the walls in the room. We spotted several ideas in the projects of designers – take note.

1. Decorative plaster + lamps

Decorator Zhenya Zhdanova decided to decorate a niche in the living room in blue shades: for this purpose, they chose textured plaster and decorated it with gold lamps in the shape of wheels of fortune.

2. Brick + poster

Despite the fact that the walls in this bedroom themselves are contrasting, one of them stands out. The designers of the Cartelle Design studio decorated the accent wall with natural-colored bricks with dark grout and added a poster.

3. Paint + moldings

In the bright bedroom, designer Maria Glagoleva decided to make one of the walls bright blue and decorate it with moldings.

4. Posters + photos

Designer Olga Siruk painted the walls in her apartment white. They decided to decorate one of them with light posters and photographs – a simple and quick way.

5. Printed wallpaper

In the children’s room in her home, designer Oksana Butman used a classic technique: all the walls were painted light blue, and one of them was covered with printed wallpaper to match.

6. Concrete tiles + paint

The designers of the Tor-Ard studio decorated the wall in the living room with brick-like concrete tiles and painted it with emerald-colored paint. And so that the wall did not seem empty, it was decorated with a neon lamp.

7. Artistic painting

When decorating a bedroom in a country house, designers Dina Kostochka and Nina Birkadze decided to use artistic painting. The drawings were made based on the paintings of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

8. Photo wallpaper

Designer Pavel Alekseev designed the wall above the head of the bed using photo wallpaper. Black wallpaper with the image of the full moon was ideal for the dark interior of the apartment.

9. Golden frames

When the budget is limited, any means are used. For example, designer Marina Merenkova decided to decorate a wall with a composition of frames coated with gold paint. It turned out stylish and inexpensive.

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  1. Ran Avatar

    Love the bright blue accent wall and yellow nite stands. I’m going for that color and a few Oriental pieces pillows and vases.

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