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How to deal with dust: 9 tips that work

Tip 1: Vacuum the walls

Dust even settles on the walls, and they also need to be vacuumed from time to time. Wallpaper, especially structural wallpaper with various lurex materials, collects dust much more than polyester curtains.

Tip 2: Make some of the shelves in the kitchen open

Dust collects in closed cabinets in the same way as in open ones. Checked, and nothing can be done about it. Open shelves in the kitchen are only suitable for those items that you use daily. Neither cups nor glasses have time to get dirty, because I wash them almost every day. They are stored upside down: this way nothing will ever get inside them. Large salad bowls and flower pots do not interfere much: if you need to wipe the shelf once a week, it is easy to remove them.

Tip 3: But don’t do it in a small kitchen

Open shelving can be a taboo in very small spaces. If your kitchen is 2.5×2.5 meters, then probably the best solution would be to install a closed storage system from floor to ceiling. 

Tip 4: Clean open bookshelves once a month

I use my home library cabinet all the time, so I didn’t need doors to begin with. Plus, don’t forget that a decent library with a storage system, comfortable shelves, and good doors costs a lot of money. Therefore, if there is no point in spending them, then the question of doors on cabinets disappears by itself. At the same time, it is enough for me to clean the shelves once a month using a regular vacuum cleaner.

Tip 5: hide unnecessary decorative items

Any decor item can be called a whim. You can definitely live without this. There is such a thing as a necessary and sufficient minimum. So, everyone has their own minimum. If I collect white porcelain and each “head” is associated with a certain life adventure, then I will not hide it in a distant closet so that I can sometimes take it out and admire it. I want to see her every day.

But in the boxes on the mezzanines, there are still a good hundred different decor stored, which I periodically take out, and my mini-exposition changes depending on my mood, time of year, and my desire to bring something new into the interior. Therefore, I advise you to remove unnecessary things and sometimes change your vases, just so that there is a feeling of something new and interesting in your dream home.

Tip 6: Take care of your paintings

Do you think that paintings are not dust collectors? What more! But unlike vases and other decor, they cannot be taken to the bathroom and washed. That’s why a good fluffy dust collection device and a soft microfiber cloth come to the rescue. Once a month, I very carefully clean all my photographs and paintings of dust. This takes approximately 30 minutes.

Tip 7: Replace Carpets with Rugs

All carpets can be replaced with rugs, which are very easy to clean. Just shake them out on the street. We still have a large rug in the winter, but from spring to autumn we put it away in the pantry.

Tip 8: Take care of your pets on time

If you want to live clean, don’t forget to fight dirt and hair. For large dogs walking outside, even at the renovation stage, you can provide a shower for washing their paws. This will get rid of excess dirt in the house. As for the coat, it is enough to comb the dog or cat every day during the shedding period, and after the procedure, run over the coat with a damp hand or a special rubber glove.

Tip 9: Clean once a month, but clean every day

We do general cleaning, going into all the most hidden places of the apartment, once or twice a year – usually in spring and autumn. But I have to clean about once a month. This takes about 4–5 hours per apartment in 70 sq. m. If I didn’t have all the above-mentioned interior items, animals, and other things, I still don’t think that cleaning would take much less time, since no one frees us from the routine: mopping the floors, vacuuming, dismantling the closet, and so on.

But I have almost daily procedures that relate to putting the house in order and greatly reduce the time spent on general cleaning. For example, in five minutes I can wash the sink, in 15 minutes I can clean the plumbing, and in the morning after physical education, I can wash the floors. 

But if you do nothing for a week, two, or a month, then general cleaning can take almost the entire day. And I understand perfectly well that in this case, you will not be able to talk about any vases, open shelves, or other joys without shuddering. So maybe it’s better to clean every day for five minutes than once but for 24 hours? 

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