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How to create an interior that will not become outdated for a long time

We tell you what to pay attention to so that the interior does not go out of fashion for a long time

Designers Oksana Butman and Natalya Anakhina designed an apartment but the interior still looks modern and relevant even after 10 years. What’s the secret? We tell you the details.

1. Convenient layout

An interior “for centuries” begins with creating a convenient layout. It is important that all functional areas, the places where the owners spend the most time, are thought out. For example, in this interior, the kitchen was moved to the place of the corridor to expand the kitchen-living room. It has a circular layout: there is another door from the kitchen to the hallway – it’s very convenient to bring in bags of groceries without going into the living room.

2. High-quality finishing materials

Customers have long dreamed of herringbone parquet, metro tiles, and paint on the walls. This determined the choice of finishing materials. For reasons of practicality, porcelain stoneware was used in “wet” areas. Over time, paint, tiles, and parquet do not lose their attractiveness and remain relevant.

3. Furniture has a classic shape but with interesting upholstery

A chair with “ears” is a timeless classic. But in order for it to meet trends, it is better to choose colored upholstery. Customers fell in love with the multi-colored Marieʼs Corner chair. It was this that became the starting point for the entire interior – bright and cheerful, but against the backdrop of a calm, neutral color of the walls.

4. Long-lasting shades

When choosing shades for interior decoration, pay attention not to the hottest trends and fashionable colors, but to those combinations that have been tested over time. For example, shades with an admixture of gray, and taupe, are always relevant.

5. Classic panel

Custom-made cabinet furniture is one of the main budget items. It will be a shame if in a couple of years, facade decoration goes out of fashion. Choose a more traditional rectangular panel – it stands the test of time. 

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