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How to create an Art Deco interior: 6 cost-effective ways

We debunk the myth that Art Deco is the prerogative of the rich and suggest budget ideas for creating an interior in this fashionable style.

Art Deco has a reputation for being an expensive style, and in the past this was true. Originating in the interwar era of the last century, Art Deco became associated with jazz, Great Gatsby-style living, and luxury hotels. 

It is almost impossible to create “pure” Art Deco in modern apartments. By and large, it’s not necessary – little things like a new model of sneakers in the hallway or a laptop on the table will prevent you from recreating the style of a bygone era.

Today, Art Deco is a kind of game of images that need to be skillfully added to the modern style, of decorating it. And it’s definitely not necessary to add expensive accessories – the mass market has “infused” this style in its latest collections and will allow us to bring a little luxury into our apartments. Let’s figure out how to do this. 

1. Love yellow metals

Now yellow metals have come into fashion: brass, copper, and gold. Art Deco “loves” such things, and you can fit them into a modern interior in different ways: buy a beautiful tray and use it not for its intended purpose, but as an accessory, look for picture frames and mirrors, candlesticks, and other decor in yellow metal. Pay attention to the mass market, you can find something you like there. 

2. Hang a round sun mirror 

One of the “calling cards” of the Art Deco style is a round mirror with a frame reminiscent of the sun. In such interiors, it is placed above the fireplace in the living room. If you have a false fireplace, you know what to do. If not, no problem. A mirror can also find its place above a chest of drawers in the bedroom. 

3. Use geometric prints 

Art Deco style loves unusual geometry. In order to use such prints in the interior as an accent and, if necessary, quickly replace them, look for suitable textiles.

4. Pay attention to exotic prints

Exotic prints are not uncommon in the Art Deco style. Birds, bright flowers – they look beautiful, but they need to be used carefully and in doses. For example, in table textiles. 

Or in the form of pillow covers. 

5. Show your imagination 

A large framed mirror can be made using polyurethane moldings painted in the desired color and a regular large mirror. The result is a budget solution that is completely in keeping with the style.

An IKEA chest of drawers in dark wood color can also be transformed by replacing the handles and fitting into an Art Deco interior. Look at other ideas on how to transform furniture from a Swedish brand, among them there are suitable solutions. 

6. Don’t use too many things in this style 

In order to highlight Art Deco accessories and give them the necessary significance in the interior, there should be a few of them. Otherwise, the decor will begin to “argue” with each other, and exquisite art deco will turn into obsessive kitsch. 

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