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How to create a Scandinavian-style interior: 9 main rules

We choose suitable colors, furniture, light, and accessories – and create the space in the Scandinavian style.

1. Spacious layout

The organization of space plays a key role in creating a Scandinavian interior. There must certainly be a lot of light and air in it. Therefore, when choosing furniture and accessories, it is necessary to strike a balance: fill the space with everything that is necessary for comfort, but avoid overload.

2. Laconic furniture

In furniture, functionality, lightness, practicality, as well as simplicity, and conciseness of form are important. It is important to note that it is not enough to simply decorate the interior with furniture from Scandinavian brands, which are widely represented on the market. It is necessary to harmoniously organize the space as a whole and complement it with suitable accessories.

3. Rational storage

Particular attention should be paid to spacious storage systems. Practical and appreciative of free space, Scandinavians find a lot of unusual ways to remove everything unnecessary from visibility. Their experience should definitely be used here.

4. Daylight

If you’ve seen interiors in this style, you’ve probably noticed: that Scandinavians try to make sure that the house is permeated with natural light. To achieve this effect, you need to remove excess decor from the windows.

There may be no curtains at all, or you should give preference to light and fairly simple curtains made of natural material, roller blinds, or blinds that allow the maximum amount of sunlight into the room. Thick night curtains – to the side as much as possible, until the sun sets below the horizon!

5. Light background

The color scheme, taken from the nature of the Scandinavian countries, encourages preference in the interior to light shades of beige and gray. But my favorite color is white with various warm and cool tones. Brown dilutes the light palette, which helps create contrasting solutions.

The design of the walls of such an interior is limited to plain light wallpaper or painting the walls in muted colors. With the help of this technique, the task of getting closer to naturalness and simplicity is solved flawlessly.

6. Natural finish

The walls in a typical Scandinavian interior are plastered or painted white, beige, pale blue, or pale gray. The floors are either wooden or imitating wood, with a pronounced natural wood texture. Interior doors and window frames, as a rule, do not stand out: they are made white or made of light wood, matching the shade with the floor.

7. Color accents

Light walls need to be enlivened with eye-catching details. The Scandinavian interior has a lot of bright accents – they are present in textiles and individual furniture elements. The most popular are those that can be found in Scandinavian nature: red, especially lingonberry shade, grass green, and all shades of blue. Less common are elements of purple, sunny orange, or black.

8. Eye-catching accessories

Decorative elements are usually bright and immediately attract attention. There should not be many of them, so as not to disturb the harmony of space and not to burden the interior. And Scandinavians are very fond of hand-made design, so handicraft products are in great demand in the interior, adjacent to vases, lamps, and candlesticks in the high-tech style.

9. Practicality in everything

The people inhabiting Northern Europe are extremely practical. Therefore, another feature of a Scandinavian-style interior is quite logical  – practicality, functionality, and ease of use. If there are shelves, then there should be something necessary on them, if there are cabinets, then they should be spacious. And it is not at all necessary to monitor all the objects every second and put them away. As already mentioned, the Scandinavian style is characterized by ease and naturalness, and this is its charm.

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