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How to create a loft-style interior: 7 rules and life hacks

Design in a brutal industrial style has not lost its relevance for many seasons. We tell you how to create a fashionable loft atmosphere even in the most ordinary apartment.

1. Color

In an interior with an industrial mood, two colors should predominate gray – from a shade of light concrete to dark graphite – and muted terracotta or brown, reminiscent of old bricks and wood. These shades will perfectly support the loft style and will harmonize with the objects and details that will fill your apartment over time.

2. Wood

In lofts, you can often find real wooden rarities: old beams, tables with textured surfaces from craft workshops, and carved panels that have turned gray with time. However, it is not at all necessary to buy antique boards with chips: modern processing methods make it possible to visually age even new materials and pieces of furniture.

3. Space

The main thing in a loft is space. It should not be burdened with unnecessary details: it is very important that nothing bothers you. Why furnish your apartment with bedside tables and cabinets if everything you need can be placed on hidden shelves? By the way, hidden sections can be made on the sides of the bed or several spacious drawers and shelves can be raised onto the podium.

4. Bar

Real lofts almost always have a bar counter. However, in an ordinary apartment, it can be decorated in a similar way, turned into a mini-bar, and even provided with hidden storage systems. Another trick is to make a divider stand that will mark the boundary between the kitchen and living room. Several people can prepare dinner or cocktails for a party at once.

5. Street objects

Details of industrial and street culture can serve as decorative elements reminiscent of the loft style. For example, bicycles can be hung on the wall. Remember, everything is possible in a loft apartment: it is initially designed for open people, free from stereotypes.

6. Doors

Barn-inspired sliding doors are another characteristic feature of traditional lofts that you can try to fit into a regular apartment. Indeed, unlike swing doors, barn doors do not take up much space in narrow corridors.

7. Details

When arranging a loft, you can significantly save on repairs. Leave the rough ceilings, and expose the blocks of interior partitions, without covering them with layers of primers and putties. Another option is to use tiles or wallpaper that imitate old brickwork in a traditional terracotta color or white brick.

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