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How to coolly decorate a small space: we show it with a real example

Colored furniture, arches, and an abundance of mirrors – these techniques will create a wow effect in any interior

Designers from the KRUTO DESIGN studio came up with a stylish and modern interior for a small apartment with an area of ​​37 square meters. In a limited space, it is important that all the details combine harmoniously, but do not look boring. Let’s talk about the chips.

Colored kitchen

The combination of soft pink and cold sky blue and turquoise shades is a feature of the interior and the customer’s wish. The color palette evokes associations with something fabulous and airy – and design techniques are designed to enhance this effect. 

The kitchen set was made in color: the kitchen apron was chosen in such a way that the pink color would smoothly transition to the upper cabinets and even the ceiling. Pay attention to this interesting detail – the tiles in the furniture area and the ceiling are designed in similar shades and distinguish the kitchen into a separate colored volume. 

Accent wall

Typically, a niche or an entire wall is highlighted with printed wallpaper. Here the designers focused on the partition between the windows, choosing an active pattern with fruits and butterflies. The trim also extends onto the window slopes.

Round shapes

The interior is built on a balance of strict straight lines and round silhouettes. There is a lot of the latter in the living room: globe lamps, a print on the carpet, a pink decorative circle behind the TV, and a custom-made round mirror with a shelf. Looks like a porthole.


In the decoration of the bedroom, circles were replaced with arches. They were placed in large quantities at the head of the bed, creating an interesting geometry of the room and visually expanding the space.

Another technique with arches is mirrors located symmetrically. They create an interesting visual effect.

Golden plumbing

Festive mood and luxury – these are the associations evoked by the bathroom interior. Against the background of pleasant pastel shades, plumbing fixtures in gold finish look especially impressive. 

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